Where did time go ?

Oh my gosh…So long since I blogged !! I am still around I’ve been up to.my ears with grandkids, new medical issues, currently  trying to sort out getting injections in my head for my migraines/ocular strokes and injections for my hips and pelvis.ive also found out that I am going deaf a bit.. only I […]

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Christmas 2018

Lovely full moon and fog   We had a quiet Christmas ,we popped over to our sons on Xmas day to give our grandkids their presents Xmas cake made by our daughter in law   I had made these teddies as part of the grandkiddies presents,they loved them I’ve lost so much weight I was  […]

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Spell for a friend

My best friend has cancer 😦 She needs to be OK,she is only young and has 6 children !! I did a healing spell for her with the help of my husband….I offered,I never do a spell without asking first because that would be meddling with the persons free will Orgonite next to her photo […]

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