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so now I am getting more and more freaked out, this owl thing does not seem to be stopping. ok ok I get it…owls are my power animal !!!

yesterday I saw so many

I had a psychic urge to go into my favourite antiques shop because I just knew they had owls in there and I wanted one for my altar, the urge was so sudden that I asked my husband to take me there straight away even though the shop is seven miles away and it was due to be closing in half an hour, we raced there and I got three owls,

they were not the only owls in the shop but I could not buy them all, very strange that they had them..there were none in there the week earlier, they must of had a house clearance and whoever s house they cleared must of had an owl collection


I got this little tiny lucky charm one to carry in my bag


a big one for my shelves


a smaller one for my altar


then we went in another antique / second hand shop and saw all these plus a fridge magnet that I forgot to take a photo of, there was also a fabric owl and another shelf with five or six on itΒ  !!


two necklaces in the same shop that I wish I could afford *sigh*


my ring I ordered from ebay arrived the same day


then I went to my sons and he showed me this cute outfit for his daughter : )



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a lady who is not even sure how she ended up on my blog contacted me to say she has similar eyes to me and psychic abilities,


picture on the ladies facebook of her eye and the orange part visible (see my blog about my eye) she says that she also has astigmatism and a lazy eye

she also asked me some advice on how to contact guides and such like, I was staggered when she told me that a spirit used to hang around her when she was little, he was called Ricky, my sons guide is called Ricky,

this is quite a coincidence considering that most people who know their guides have ones called “white feather” or something else Native American,

not often do I come across someone with a guide with an English name

she describes having seen a full apparition of her cat, I too have seen one of mine as a full apparition

another similarity between us is that she has a photo on her facebook of a bird she found


the ladies photo

and here is my photo of a bird that I hand reared


she mentioned also that she was plagued with serious nose bleeds as a child, as was I

she has sleep problems and sleep walking like me,

I am studying how many psychics have the same health problems, there are many more on the list, if you have health problems and feel that you are psychic, please contact me so that I can find out more and add the details to my study ( no ones name will be mentioned and no photos posted without permission)



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Eye nebulas

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I do not even know how I came across these .

Nebulas in space that look like my eyes !

Its interesting because a few psychic people have eyes like that (usually ones that can remote view and are telepathic),here are mine

I have blogged about them before (no I don’t have Wilson’s disease) I am yet to get a really good photo of my grandsons eyes,he has the same gold ring but here is one for now

As he gets older the ring will get bigger and brighter,his big sister has the huge “old soul” eyes but not the gold ring.

Some people think that “light workers” /indigos  and certain psychics are “starseeds” that means they have some kind of DNA from other planets,not sure I believe that myself but I have read a fascinating book called “star children” it may explain why people like that often get “alien” experiences ! Could it be that they are being monitored because of their DNA ?

Is that why they have eyes that mirror these “eye nebulas” in space ?

I don’t know,truth is stranger than fiction as they say.

And here is a human eye nebula side by side with one in space 

Here is a previous blog about my eyes

If you have psychic ability and strange eyes please let me know πŸ™‚

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My spooky eyed”Norwegian” doll

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So I got another rag doll,its an original 1970s one but it is quite damaged ,I have to do something about its eyes because they are pretty spooky ! And I do not want to scare the grandkids ,plus… What is up with its nose ? It looks like it is having a nose bleed

So rather than leaving it looking like that I will give it a make over…!or I could pretend its haunted and call the newspapers (that is sarcasm by the way,if you have read my blog about people making money out of “haunted” dolls)

It is probably not Norwegian, but it just has that look so I decided to look up Norwegian names (yes,all my dolls have names because I think I am five haha)

I was amazed to see that our grand daughters name is NOT just Welsh….

Arwen is also a popular Nordic name,well I never,I did not know that and neither did her parents.

That pleased me no end because we have Norse/Norwegian heritage down the line.

I also discovered this ….when I used to be into angels,I had a guardian angel doll that I named Anaya,I thought it was a name I had made up,

Turns out that is also Nordic

Anyway, this new doll has been named Ingrid.

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Present from Munnin the jackdaw

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Munnin has been getting very close πŸ™‚

Now he is literally waiting on the doorstep every morning to see if we have food !

We spent a while watching him yesterday after we treated him to some prawns ,he was not sure about them at first, probably because they were cold from the fridge.

Jackdaws recognise faces and he knows his name,they will leave presents for people they trust,I think he must know that I collect feathers because he dropped this right in front of my garden chair !

I wish I had filmed him doing that .

My husband is convinced that Munnin is the spirit of our old neighbour Fred who died three years ago, he loved birds and used to feed them every day,he also used to chat to us over the fence every morning,Munnin always comes from the direction of Fred’s old garden.

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