One card reading for Mon 22 Jan 2018

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Reading for Mon 22 Jan 2018

(rune mysteries) 

ASA /God 
This is Odin’s rune and features his ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) these ravens are aspects of Odin’s soul which he projects in bird shape to learn about far away things. 
This rune card signifies Intellectual activity and the pursuit of knowledge, you have no fear of things going awry or of putting your foot in your mouth. 

Asa can denote that a period of learning and study could be ahead.. A period of time when matters of the mind are important. 

Good communication skills and eloquence will increase your powers of self expression and free you from confusion. 

This rune advises the direct use of persuasive speech to gain advantage. 

Asa can also represent the quest for inner knowledge -the mysteries and hidden secrets that await within yourself. 

Inspiration is working through your life, perhaps the seeking of poetic or spiritual mind states. 

Asa gives expression to inner wisdom ,to attain freedom from illusions. 

Listen closely to those around you, someone may have wise counsel  or perhaps interesting and useful information may come to light. 

Asa is much like the hermit card in the tarot  and can stand for taking time to think, it can also indicate that the person who has wise counsel for you is an elder. 

Another meaning is that you should be sure to check that what is coming out of your mouth is what you really want to say, 

Practice the fine art of listening as well as communicating, wise counsel may be just a conversation away. 

If you have been looking for particular information  today could be the day that you find it.

For me personally : well I have been wondering where our jackdaw munnin has gone  !!

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Example of pareidolia in the clouds

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I took these photos yesterday to show examples of cloud pareidolia

Pareidolia is a normal neurological function where our brains are wired to make recognisable figures out of abstract patterns,it is usually faces that our brains “see” because faces are the first things we see when we are born but we are also likely to “see” things that interest us ,religious people are likely to see images of Jesus ,Virgin Mary or angels for example.

I am interested in owls and birds and I collect things like skulls ,hence that is why I “saw’ these things in the clouds

A flying barn owl or some kind of bird of prey

Excuse the really bad outlining but you get the rough idea

Half a skull

It is such a common phenomena that I have written quite a few blogs on it (please see the ” pareidolia ” and not paranormal photos sections in the index)

I recently had to do a video rant at youtubers who are investigating a possible murder case who have been repeatedly taking already bad quality CCTV stills ,over editing them by applying HD filters and too much saturation and seeing all manner of ridiculous things that are not there ,they have been told time and time again by myself and other qualified photographers and still they do it,the trouble is ,they are damaging the case ! They are telling people what to see and it could jeopardize the chance of any criminal investigation ever being opened, which is what they say they want.

I have pointed out to them that when they are narrating their videos and saying ” I see ” and “I see” and ” I can see ” that is the very definition of pareidolia !!

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My dad helping my son dream ?

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My son has recently had a job interview…

Last night I dreamt that my son was in a panic and he was showing me text messages on his phone ,he said they were weird and they were worrying him,he did not know who was sending them,he said he thought someone was playing a cruel joke on him because one of the messages was a photo of him when he was young on a bike with his grandad pushing him (my dad)

There is not actually a photo in real life like that.

He said whoever was sending these texts knew all about him because they were talking all about his life yet he could not trace the texts because there was no number.

I realised this is a visitation dream from my dad in spirit and that he is looking over son and his little family, him pushing my son on the bike signifies that he is pushing him towards getting the job he really wants !!

I will not be at all surprised to hear that my son has been successful with that interview

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The tarot find …Thoth book

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The other morning I was going to order the Crowley tarot, I put it in my “shopping basket” on eBay

But then I read that you really need a separate book in order to understand it,I could not find the book so I cancelled the cards…the next day we went into town and what did I find in a charity shop,yep .the book ! ( I wasn’t actually intending on going in that shop) that was pretty amazing because Crowley books are rare to find and they are usually very expensive, this was only three pounds

I can get the cards any time

Please note,I am not into black magic or a Satanist !!! I simply want these for my occult collection and in my opinion Alister Crowley was ridiculous, Eileen Garrett the famous medium,who is one of my guides met him and said he was the least scary person in the world, I trust her judgment.

He probably made himself “the wickedest man in the world” as an excuse to have orgies

I’ve read many books about him and he seemed like an intelligent man who could have been something better but channelled himself in the wrong direction and was desperately seeking notoriety and attention when “fame” in the conventional sense eluded him.

He could have been a good spiritual teacher on a light path but he chose to go dark and shock everyone.

Most people shudder at the mere sight of him,not me…it was mostly hype.

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Just to make it clear again about using my work (and about adding me on Facebook)

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Hi,please do not share my blogs or any information from them ,I have had trouble with this before !! I especially have a problem with it if people are not interacting with me,a lot of information I post here is going to be in a book I am writing,hence what I always put at the end of each post about not sharing my blogs .

If you do not believe in the work that I do,that is fine,no one is forcing you too but i do make sure that every thing on here is provable ,dated, photographed, logged etc

If you do not understand how the psychic world works then this is probably not the blog for you.

If you do not understand that some people have “the gift” then this is probably not the blog for you.

You will see that a lot of what I blog is about “coincidences” these are more than simply that as you will see by the sheer ridiculous amount of them that I have,it is all part of my work.

What you do not see on here is the rest of my work, you do not see the spirit box sessions, the card readings and the work I do for missing /murder cases.. All that is on my private Facebook because out of respect and privacy reasons I do not feel it right to post here.All those things are also provable.

I do not need “saving” or prayers ,I am quite safe doing this work thank you and I have to wonder why anyone with that opinion purposely would seek out blogs like this to troll.

And lastly, I am disabled with many chronic illnesses so do not need extra stress caused by any issues 

Thanks for your understanding, I do appreciate anyone who takes time to visit and read though 🙂
P.s regarding facebook I will not accept any friend requests from people without a real name /profile picture or who have no content to show,this is because I have very sensitive information on mine regarding missing people and murder cases so I have to be careful about who can see it