Marc dream I had was kind of true

Remember this dream ? Well look at this Not the right kind of plane but note the aircraft hangers Wrong era /war but its a vintage plane Premonituons sometimes work like this,they can get confused,it would still be regarded as a “hit” because both of these plane incidents were within the same week The reason […]

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Hedgehog and crescent moon

This was a weird coincidence … I was due to do a spirit box on Chris Cornell’s first anniversary and had worked myself up into quite a state and was dreading it !! I had to calm down because you shouldn’t do psychic work like that,l asked David and Marc for their help and i […]

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My photography : nature girl

Yet again I find myself in the position where I can’t catch up with myself ! My psychic abilities have totally changed and everything is bombarding me ….i’ve written lots of blogs here in the last few weeks but have lots more to write ! But as I am trying to do that I have […]

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