The hare coincidence

This morning hubby went out shopping and I text him to ask him to get something I had seen in a charity shop the week before ,hoping it would still be there Then not long after I saw on my Facebook feed that an artist I love who does pagan art… Mostly HARES had passed […]

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Reading for Mon 12 Nov 2018

Reading for Mon 12 Nov 2018 Moon Oracle MUSICIAN This is a card expressing the presence of an opportunity , simply there for the taking and the ability to inspire and persuade others,whatever your desire and whatever the nature of the project. It indicates an expansion of creativity and an ease of expression. Self expression […]

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My crafts : draw string bags

I sewed these by hand because I don’t have a sewing machine, The black cat material is from a scarf my aunt gave to me and the witchy material is from a kids Halloween cape I found in a charity shop for 25p. These bags are perfect for keeping tarot cards or crystals in.  

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