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My accuracy list

EVERYONE is born psychic,it is not as unusual as you may think….
caveman was psychic he had to be in order to survive and because he did not havefully formed speech.
all children are psychic,to them it is nothing unusual so they do not fear it,when they are older most of them lose the is drummed out of them or they learn to fear “ghosts” and shut it out.
children with imaginary friends probably dont have imaginary friends at all but are communicating

ith spirits ! when they get to the age of uunderstanding not only do their “friends” vanish but so does the inbuilt psychic ability.

women tend to be more sensitive to spirits and more psychic or precognative,hence why woman have “womens intuition” this is one reason that we investigate alot with only women,not because we are sexist but because we tend to get better results.most of the times we have caught what we believe to be full apparitions on photos it has been when only women are present….with the Mary Ann apparition we made sure that we gained the spirit in questions trust and she paid us back by showing herself,we do not think this would have happened if men had been present,especially as Mary Ann had been killed by her husband (see Mary anns ghost page which is under 2005 investigation section)
we have noticed that most investigators in our team become more open and witness more the longer they stay in the group,we have even managed to change the mind of some sceptics !

i have always had the ability…but fear of it prevented me from using it properly and back fired in a big way…….see the POLTERGEIST page to see how it started for me.

since completing a psychic development course and attending some psychic classes i am now learning to fear less and use my ability in the correct way….of course i would not class myself as a medium yet and i am by no means an expert but just lately i have been suprising myself !! i still question myself when i come up with “info” i try and fob it off as a lucky guess,it might be at times of course,but alot of the time it cant possibly be.
it takes years of practise and meditation exercises to open up and it is also very important to learn to close down for your own safety.

if you think you would like to open up your psychic ability a good place to start is a spiritualist church that has an open circle or a paranormal team that also works on psychic ability and experiments.practise on anyone you can…and practise some more !

regarding visiting mediums for a reading please be careful…if they charge money (unless it is to go to charity) be very very wary as they are likely to not be sincere (being psychic is a gift and you do not charge for gift giving !) some people are not mediums at all and just experts at what is known as COLD READING,this is a method that seems to gain them info from the spirit world when in actual fact they are just reading you by guessing from your body language (Derren Brown the psychological “magician” has studied this and it is very interesting) for example a cold reader could say “i sense a man in uniform” and the client is very likely to say yes because most people have had a male relative along the years who was either in WW1 or WW2 or more recently the Falklands etc

steer well clear of psychic phone lines that cost £2.50 per minute…rip off (c) hgh uk (E Vachos)

Any info i get “given” i record straight away (usually by emailing myself) and i get as many witnesses as i can (for example that was very important with the Suffolk Murders case) i keep any proof such as newspaper cuttings that match my info AFTER the date………………………………….

(1) i have “remote viewed” many different houses that i have never been to…down to the ornaments and decor.
(2)i described the whole town where my friend grew up,this was up North and not somewhere i had been.
(3)i predicted oliver cromwell waliking up the stairs at a top secret location and minutes later we got a full apparition of his face on a photo.
(4)i saw a nurse at nuns bridge before i had researched it and found out there was a nurse linked there.
(5)i predicted the time of my grans death to the minute and since then have woken up every morning at that time
(6)in a pub i asked the landlord who the large lady wearing the apron was in the cellar,i had the name Bertha and he almost fainted with shock…it was his grand mother
(7)at a top secret location i visited during the day i saw a lady in a green dress in the library i got the name Marsha (which was the only room i went in) a year later we got to investigate there and found that a lady called Martha was linked to the building,we also photographed the bottom of a green dress and found a painting of a lady in green.
(8)i got all the info correct for a young lad who had drowned.
(9) i sensed a small boy who had fallen down stairs in my friends house and split his head open,a few months later we filmed a 2 year old child who was visiting,staring at the stairs and saying “cut head”
(10)i got the name percival rogers at a cemetery,research afterwards showed he worked for the land registary and would have visited there as part of his job.
(11)i sensed a man who had died of drugs in our old house,was able to draw him and describe him,people who knew him confirmed a lot of it.
(12)i sensed a highway man was linked to the area…he was
(13)i sensed a lot of correct info about a woman who died in our area…alot of it was confirmed.
(14)at a house we were investigating i sensed a man who had died of industrial breathing problems i said his name was Robert,we later found out that there used to be a mill chimney on the exact spot as the house,we also found out that local people living in flats nearby nicknamed their ghost BOB…i also picked up the name Huckle on EVP this was confirmed later on the census reports.

(15) while having psychic classes i picked up on my tutors childhood almost exactly
(16) i dreamt since childhood of a big white building with statues in a pool….we found it later and it was walthamstow town hall…..there was a pool in the front and statues at the back.
(17)i picked up the full name of the lady who previously owned a friends house.
(18)i asked a friend why i kep seeing traffic lights and a fish and chip shop sign…she said that was a description of where her brother was murdered.
(19)i dreamt my friend in USA had a fire in her house…a few weeks later she had to have the place rewired as it could have caused a fire !
(20)the day before my husbands nan died i dreamt i saw our car driving away over the horizon (she bought that car for us !) here death was unexpected.
(21) i dreamt there was a tornado…a few days later it was in the paper
(22) i dreamt that London had a huge black out…the next day they did.
(23) i picked up on a boat party that had sunk…i thought it was to do with the 1980’s marchioness disaster but the next day it was on the news that a woman had drowned overboard at a party on a boat.
(24)i picked up on a little boy in a cemetery who was not buried there but had been evactuated to the area in the war and liked to play in the graveyard……we came home with a WW2 era boy in a photo and evp saying “mummy”,at the same cemetery i sensed a previous vicar we came home with a vicar apparition photo and evp saying “do some praying”
(25)in a house investigation i drew a little girl and the owner had drawn exactly the same a few weeks before.
(26) i picked up on a druid/monk type figure in a field and found out later a hooded figure had been seen by numerous locals.
(27)i sensed a pile of bodies in a football field,found out it had been an anthrax burial ground.
(28)i am often drawn to certaing charity shops and feel i must go in them,everytime i do i find something that i have been looking for for years !
(29)i often feel that someone should check their bank,they usually refuse saying they have no money in account or are not expecting any…when they check there is unexplained money in their account.
(30)i asked a friend if the name sally ann meant anything to him and it was someone he went to school with.
(31)i saw a black dog in my house (so did my son) later we found out that the day/time we had seen it our mother in laws black dog had died.
(32)i had been visiting my friend and all the way home i kept getting a mans name and something about cricket…when i next saw her i was shocked (but not as much as her )that it was her fathers name and she showed me a tattoo she had on her back that i had never seen before that had her fathers name on it…same name,she said he didnt like cricket but at the pub we investiagted a few days later,cricket pads were found upstairs and later research told us that the last person to live there when it was a house was a cricketer.

(33) at the same pub i sensed a little girl falling,everyone heard a little girl screaming as if she was falling that night, after i had said….(later research found that a little girl had died falling in a well nearby,we came home with a little girl on EVP and on photos) i also sensed an evil presence (also photographed and it was in the room that no one liked/i did not tell them straight away which room) i sensed a man who didnt like women in the kitchen,three female investigators were effected by him and we captured his angry voice telling them to get out.
(34) before my brother was born i saw a little boy with huge blond ringlets in our house…my brother had unusaully curly hair !
(35) i ahd a very very strange experience while visiting David Blaine in his box…i do not wish to put more about it at the moment but i do have witnesses,photographic and video evidence.
(36) i got both the suspects names for the SUFFOLK MURDERS ten days before…i drew a similar picture of one,stated he had links to a shop (he worked in a supermarket)and wore a blue hat (he was shown wearing a blue hat in a photo,i said that he had links to the emergency services (he was a special police constable in the past)i stated the second suspect drove for a job(he was a fork lift driver) was older and had reddish blond hair,i got the number 71,his door number was 79…i had witnesses to all this and recorderd the info i was getting by email to myself !!!!
(37) i dreamt that one of my little brothers was on drugs and when i woke up we found a syringe and needle in the front room.
(38) for a few days in our new house i could smell really strong burning,it was so bad i went around and checked all the sockets etc for signs of scorch marks,none could be found,the smell only lasted for a day…later research showed that a huge fire had burnt many houses down in the village hundreds of years ago…i smelt the burning on the anniversary date.
(39) standing outside a pub we were investigating myself and another investigator could small burning that was so strong we were having trouble breathing,when we went in and told the landlord he said that in the past the whole street had burnt down apart from the pub !
(40) investiigating the house in Norfolk i got the names doris cooper and charlotte merry,the owner researched when i left and found that these names are linked to the area
(41)talking to a friend in another country on the net i picked up on a name that was quite unusual and it turns out to be a previous owner of the house over 100 years ago.
(42) i did a reading for someone i had met for only 5 mins before and got about 83 % correct.
(43) when we investigated the local cemetery near my house i saw a little girl in the cemetery a few times and she was always in the same area but no headsone nearby marked a little girl it was not until after that researched showed that a girls skeleton had been found at the airfield in the past and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the local cemetery ! the girl had given me her name in a dream and research showed a girl of the same age and name.
(44) i dreamt that i saw my mother in law sick in an armchair…..she phoned a couple of days later (we had not spoken to her in months) to say she was going for some health tests.
(45) i dreamt i saw an aircraft fall out of the sky in a field nearhere a few nights later we were on a ghost hunt in a local field and saw 2 helicopters,the next day on the news it said that a local millionaire had crashed his helicopter in a field at almmost the same time of the morning i had dreamt it was.

(46)during automatic writing at a clients house i write a huge W on the page,the owners of the house were astounded because earlier that day when we were not there they had been asking each other which letter of the alphabet had two sylabels !

(47)the first time i went to my friend michaels mothers house i was fussing up her dog and asked how old the black and white dog was that went in the other room..her face went pale…i had seen a dog of hers that had died many years before,i could have sworn he was real !!

(48) i saw a red car spinning round about four times on the road outside our house and crashing………………..this happened to my cousins friend,outside our house,in a red car which spun FOUR times and he sadly died (about 2 years before we moved here !!)

(49) the man i saw by the road with no face (see faceless spirit post) was seen in the area where a man she knew died in a crash,the spirit i saw fits the bodily description of this man,i asked why he may have shown himself with no face and she said his face was smashed in during the accident !!

(50) CREDIT GOES TO MY HUSBAND WHO GOT THIS CORRECT my husband saw a man and woman standing down a country road and was baffled as to why they would be standing there and dressed in summer clothes in the winter,my cousin knew of a couple who died on this road when they tried to walk home in the dark,they died in the summer

these things i did not know as i hardly ever see my cousin and we are new to this area !

THESE COULD BE LUCKY GUESSES OF COURSE !!! but i do seem to be getting more and more “hits”




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HELLO THANKS FOR VISITING MY SITEI do many kinds of readings, most can be done via email photographs, you need to send me a close up ,recent photo where I can study the eyes
send to
readings . by . eevee @
(I NOW CHARGE,please see bottom of page !!)
I CANNOT PROMISE TO BE TOTALLY CORRECT AS I AM STILL DEVELOPING ,SO PLEASE BEAR THAT IN MINDI can read from photos of living or deceased people and i also read photos from houses,if you have a haunted house and want to know what i can sense then please send me photos of the interior,especially the most active rooms and if possible a photo of the outside (no photos of people or houses will be posted) remember though that what i pick up from your house may be from hundreds of years ago and from what used to be on the land before your house !! its always a good idea for you to do some history research after my reading,even if your house is new it can still be haunted by what was there before.
please update me if you do any history researchI do need to blog your reading if possible as it all helps my development but i can put your reading under a false name and remove any parts you wouldnt want made public.(this all gets discussed by email before hand)

(please see examples of readings on my blog to see how accurate they are)

I also need to blog your comments back to me.
When i do you a reading please email it back with your comments in a different colour text.
If you have a multiply blog you will be able to see from your page “footprints” that i do not read any of your blogs before hand,i like to truly test myself and see no point in cheating

my readings are not fortune telling as such,they are more to see what i can pick up about you to test my psychic ability,sometimes the future does come up but it is rare,

hold on to your reading even if it doesnt make sense right away,some people have noticed months later that it did indeed make sense !!
I can pick up on deceased loved ones and although they dont often leave messages as my ability is not that advanced yet ,they will give clues that they are around
please update me if you can verify my info at a later date

my methods other than face reading are pendulum.psychic art,psychometry,automatic writing,premonitions and dream readings (ie i can study your photo before going to sleep and get the info in my dreams instead) I do lots of other kinds of readings (see price list below)

i have been running my current paranormal group since 2000 (having studied the paranormal since a young child and experiencing my own haunting) i get information while investigating on cases,that has been backed up afterwards by research
to visit my paranormal group go to :

i have passed a psychic development course

i am also trying out “remote viewing” by photo,if you have a misplaced item i would be more than happy to try and find it for you

I will not tell you anything bad from your reading and neither will i tell you how to win the lottery,if i knew how to do that i would do it myself

please be HONEST if i get anything wrong,there is no point in telling me if i am correct when i am not , i need to know when i am wrong in order to improve !!
if i am way off i will try again for you
sometimes i get readings mixed up if i get asked to do quite a few a week
PLEASE SEE WAITING LIST SECTION (on main page towards the bottom)
SEE THE ABOUT ME SECTION to find out more about my experiences and abilities


SEE THE DISCLAIMER SECTION (main page towards the bottom)

you may have a little bit of a wait for your reading as i have to fit it round my photography,my paranormal group,my illness and also i have to share my computer with my son who has college studying to do,thanks for your patience and understanding

ABOUT MY ILLNESS….. I have an illness that means I am bed bound a lot and not up to doing readings,so please appreciate that there may be a wait, my illness affects my brain at times so that means I have to wait til I am “clear headed” if I find that I am not able to get your reading done within a month then you will not be charged

I AM NOW HAVING TO CHARGE FOR MOST READINGS,this is because i have been doing them free for years and now feel that i am at the right stage to charge (i do not charge alot compared to some psychics)
the only thing i do not charge for is unsolved crime readings,i have helped out with an unsolved murder in Canada and believe that i should not charge for that kind of reading
but for the rest i do need to make a little bit of money,since i dont charge for the paranormal investigating and that is expensive


(apart from unsolved crime ones which are free)a reading (any kind of psychic reading from photograph, including location readings and past life readings,personality readings )
is£25(in comparison to most psychics who charge anything from £30-80 !!)
£15if you are in reciept of benefits (i will require proof)a spiritual dream interpretation is £8if you need a reading done by email then you will need to contact me to find out how to send a postal order / money order if out of the country
and you will need to pay upfront for that, I cannot do your reading until the money you send me has “cleared” in my bank
i have to collect payments this way until i set up a paypal,sorry for any inconvenience
if i have to travel more than 10 miles to do a reading then there will be extra travel costs which will be added,usually about £10 (because i dont drive i have to pay someone else to bring me !!)

if you have to travel more than 10 miles if having a reading at my home then i will deduct £10 from your reading

thanks for your understanding


contact me for further details or to book a reading
readings . by . eevee @


after studying these for 18 months i can now do them so if you want one they cost
£12for a basic moon horoscope
£25for a moon and other planets in depth horoscope
i will need your date of birth and time you were born (if possible) if you dont know the exact time and only know AM or PM thats alright,if you dont have any idea at all it doesnt matter but wont be as in depth

I now do moon horoscopes with a bit of a numerology reading included these cost
£35(they are very in depth) I will eventually be doing numerology readings on their own
NEW…“carrochi” card readings, these are better done in person but I can do them with the aid of your photograph
what is carrochi ?

 Carrochi Astro-Fable Cards

Nice little card system which operates a bit differently from tarot. Has one set of cards featuring astrology symbols and headings such as Love, Career, Money, Family, Home, Health and Travel, and another set featuring pictures and keywords. There are two extra cards included which feature the instructions for the set.

they are very accurate


NEW…rune readings, better done in person but I can do them with the aid of a photograph

3 RUNE BASIC READING : action/ challenge / overview


IN DEPTH RUNE READING: (three lifetimes spread)

future incarnation/ future in this life/ present/birth and childhood /past incarnation


THE RUNIC CROSS READING : new situation/ challenge/future/past/you now/ foundation



THE FIVE RUNE SPREAD : overview/challenge/action/ sacrifice/new situation




I have given presentations regarding my paranormal work and how to investigate, I use real life cases from my paranormal group files and have photos, evps and video to illustrate and liven up the presentation

I can teach psychic development to groups

I have a teaching qualification

I charge £50-£100 for a presentation ,depending on how long it is for, and for how many people (plus travel expenses if more than 20 miles away)


these are £10for a two hour class, I can teach up to 6 people (£10 per person) travel costs to be discussed, i.e if you come to me I will deduct some money, if I come to you and it is further than 10 miles away I will need to charge travel expenses

I do not do “spells” or “hexes” on people !!! I am not into black witchcraft, so please do not ask, I do not do exorcisms although I can try “spirit rescue” which would require me visiting your home…..
….so If you have paranormal problems in your home, feel free to contact me to discuss it : ) I can offer “protection” advice but it is usually best to let me and my team investigate to come to a conclusion (if you are in the UK)


I will be revising my price list soon and adding a lot more new methods,so the list above is not totally accurate but gives a rough idea, email me for more info

I can now take payments via my paypal account


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I have had two dreams that possibly fit this, note how at Jersey a skull was found first and that i noted possibly childrens home in first dream,the other dream relates to a girl i was in a childrens home with and interestingly enough we actually went on a holiday to Jersey with the childrens home ! (i think that if this was a premonition the first one happened a lot longer back than my usual premonitions due to the fact that i spent my teenage years in care ,living in childrens homes,so this case will stick in my mind for a long time)

Jersey although very close to UK is classed as abroad due to it belonging to france,i may have picked up on a concentration camp due to the links in WW2 with Jersey.

In both dreams i mention the building as being derelict,usually when this kind of awful thing happens the building involved is either knocked down or left derelict (i just read in the news that the building was derelict/unused for a number of years)

the symbolism of the second world war could also symbolise the fact that the nes channels have stated these horrific crimes could go back as far as the 1940’s

what a terrible and awful discovery ! god bless all those poor little children and may the police quickly find those responsible

Sent: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 05:19:42 -0800
Subject: dream 22 june 07 skulls

dream 22nd june 07

was at a haunted derelict building that i think was abroad.

there was an archaeology / police dig where there was a mass grave for ww2 orphans/ possibly not anything to do with the war

the location was either a kids home/work house/orphanage or concentration camp

there were lots of skulls including a dogs one  ? or a dog is important

lots of paranormal activity


Subject: dream about anne marie 14 dec 07
Date: Friday, 14 December 2007 09:43

we were at a childrens home and it was derelict,i went in and said  my friend used to live there,i was told it was being knocked down and there were little child spirits all over the place i could see them and counted eight or nine

Jersey care home ‘had shackles and trapdoor’

By Caroline Gammell, Aislinn Simpson and Lucy Cockcroft in St Martin, Jersey

Last Updated: 2:41am GMT 27/02/2008


A trapdoor leading down to a windowless room holding a single chair, and shackles were discovered during the refurbishment of the care home at the centre of the Jersey child abuse scandal, it has been claimed. The sinister findings were allegedly uncovered four years ago when the property Haut de la Garenne in the east of the island was converted into a youth hostel after lying empty for 18 years.

The sinister findings were allegedly uncovered four years ago when the property Haut de la Garenne in the east of the island was converted into a youth hostel after lying empty for 18 years.

Haut de la Garenne
Police teams have been forced to suspend their searches over fears the structure may collapse.

The building, where a human skull was unearthed on Saturday, is the subject of an intense police search operation amid fears that the bodies of up to seven children could be buried there.

Two builders working on the site spoke of the alleged finds but the shackle claim was strenuously denied by a Jersey government source.

Robert Boutillier, one of the builders working at the home said: “We found some things that would send a chill down your spine.

“We found some shackles lying around the grounds.

“I picked them up. They were heavy shackles mounted on a wooden block. It was gruesome

“We also found a pile of about five large canes. They had been removed from inside the building.”

Another builder from Houze Construction, who did not want to be named, said: “It was spooky, I felt like the place was haunted.

“There were shackles lying around. God knows what else was in there, I shudder to think.

“In one room there was a trapdoor leading down to this room which was pitch black. Inside was just this chair. I felt sick.”

But a government source insisted: “Nothing of that nature at all was found at the site.”

Police teams have focused on the home’s bricked-up cellar but were forced to suspend work over fears the structure may collapse. But forensic specialists will return to the scene on Wednesday.

News of the alleged findings came as child abuse offences – and claims that they were covered up – were linked to the island’s top public school and another Jersey care home.

Maths teacher Andrew Jervis-Dykes was jailed in April 1999 for indecently assaulting six pupils at Victoria College who he plied with alcohol then abused in their beds during Naval Combined Cadet Force yachting trips between 1984 and 1993.

According to an independent report into the case, allegations about Jervis-Dykes surfaced in 1992 then again in 1994. Both times, the school’s headmaster Jack Hydes failed to notify the police or investigate further, the report said.

Former chief education officer of Buckinghamshire, Stephen Sharp, who conducted the inquiry, said Mr Hydes instructed his staff not to discuss the allegations.


We are looking at the last six decades – since the end of the Second World War – at instances of abuse on vulnerable children, children in care. This has been swept under the carpet – it just doesn’t get any worse.”


Children who complained in the 1940s and 50s about their treatment were not taken seriously, he said. But attitudes had changed.


The bodies of at least seven children may be buried at a former care home in what police fear is one of the worst instances of child abuse in Britain.

I also mentioned the importance of a dog in my dream,although it is common to use sniffer dogs it is not usual for the newspapers to name them on the news !!

Eddie the sniffer leads care home search

Last Updated: 3:36am GMT 26/02/2008
The search at Haut de la Garenne is being led by a sniffer dog that specialises in detecting human remains.

  Eddie, the springer spaniel
Eddie, the springer spaniel, was involved in the search for Madeleine McCann in Portugal

Eddie, the springer spaniel, first came to public attention when taken to the Algarve to help the search for Madeleine McCann last summer.

He was said to have picked up traces of the missing girl in the back of Kate and Gerry McCann’s car which they hired five weeks after she disappeared.

The seven-year-old “enhanced victim recovery dog” flew to Jersey last week with a second sniffer dog that specialises in detecting blood.

On Saturday, Eddie picked up the scent of the child’s skeleton through several inches of concrete in the corridor on the ground floor of Haut de la Garenne.

The dogs are helping a search team made up of police and experts who have travelled from England and Scotland to help the Jersey police.

yvonne01223 wrote on Feb 28, ’08
oh my god!! how freaky is that… those poor children and the goverment covering up i dont understand, well emma you are truly pyschic,

This will be interesting re white noise

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this will be interesting !! 04 December 2007

today i was finally fitted with a little gadget inside my ear that is to treat the humming i hear that drives me insane,this will be interesting because the gadget plays constant white noise to kind of cancel out the hum,the hum is caused by a fluke in the wiring in my brain and i cannot tell you how distressing it is to live with,the reason the white noise will be interesting is because that attracts paranormal activity and voices !!! so…it seems like i was given this disorder for a reason !! i have had it in all day and although there is a constant noise it is not as bad as the humming and is kind of soothing in a way,it sounds like listening to rain fall or the sea,so that is not too bad,i really really hope it works because the hum which actally sends vibrations through m and has caused me two want to climb the walls to get away from it and have the urge to ram pencils in my ears !! (not that i would as that would be very dangerous) if you have been on my paranormal website you will see the experiment i did on the hum and evp (to cut along story short i did the experimnt for 30 nights and it was proved that the nights i heard the hum i got evp voices and the nights i didnt hear it i got no evp,so that says it all),i am very interested to see how many people that suffer this disorder are psychic !!The specialist i saw today did admit that people who use their sixth sense are more likely to get the disorder (which started three years ago with me,that was when i first started to get very strange psychic experiences) its like a kind of warning system by the brain that something is not right or something is around !! he did explain it in more technical terms but i am no good at translating

anyway i shall keep my fingers crossed that this is the solution and i may finally get a full nights sleep…i am on guard though for the possiblilty of more paranormal experiences.

if you are psychic and suffer from strange noises please let me know can private message me or email me at thanks

you can read more about “the hum” and read about the hum v evp 30 day experiment on our paranormal website


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the cat coincedence nov 07 Feb 25, ’08 5:15 PM
for everyone

 the cat coincedence November 2007

one of my hobbies is to go to second hand / charity shops to look for second hand paranormal books and anything else that takes my fancy,there are usually at least four of these shops in each town and there are about five different towns i visit

many times i have felt drawn to certain shops and the other week was an example …we had decided to go to a place called St Neots but ended up stopping off in St Ives to get some petrol first,while i was sitting in the car waiting i suddenly decided i needed to stay in St Ives and was drawn to a particular charity shop,when i got in there i bought an ornament of some cats on a welsh dresser,hubby aked why i had bought it because it was not my usual taste,i agreed and said i didnt know why but i had to have it (even though it was broken !!) when i got home i noticed how similar the welsh dresser on the ornament was to the one i had at home….

a few days later i went to my cousins and ended up coming home with a kitten who was almost identical to the one on the ornament . i was not at all expecting to come home with this kitten and neither was i expecting to buy an ornament like that !!

COINCEDENCE ?? maybe , but this happens to me all the time,i am always drawn to certain shops and it is not like i can guess what they have in there as they are full of all sorts and the stock changes every day,i always fnd something that i have been looking for and often they are unusual or even rare items ,examples……my husband was looking for a car manual for our second hand car,i was drawn to a shop and there it was even though our car is pretty old…i was after the book about the enfield poltergeist for years but never thought i would find it because it is rare and out of print,i knew that even if i did find it it would be very expensive and out of my budget,one day i was drawn to a shop and there it was on the top shelf….i never look at top shelves due to being so short (lol) but i was drawn straight to the bookcase it was in and drawn to look straight up,even better than that,it was a first edition and cost only a fiver,i was drawn to another shop in st Ives and found a drawing that looked like “spirit art” the woman in the drawing was from the 1930’s and it was dated,i am sure that she actually had links to our house and that is very possible,our house is 1930’s and the shop was not far from home,so its highly possible that a painting of someone from here would end up there,

i cannot possible list all the coincedences i have had there have been hundreds and it is something that really interests me….are these things mere coincedence or something more ???

our welsh dresser,note the colour of the wood and style of drawers

the ornament

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the cats on the ornament

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our new kitten,its not clear in the photos but their markings are almost identical and our Kitten lillie has quite unusual ones