dream about my gran 26 October 2007

sometimes spirits visit us in our dream state,i often dream of my beloved Granma and i KNOW in my dreams that she is a spirit.

Last nights one was unusual however….

i dreamt i was at my grandmas house and my grandad was there and he was alive (in reality he died about 7 years before my granma) in a cupboard i found a frame and in it there were lots of photos of my granma dead in a hospital bed !! in the photos she looked peaceful and not thin like she was towards the end,she looked back to her healthy self,my grandad pointed out how much i looked like her.

i like to think this is to let me know that she passed peacefully and that she is now happy on the other side…..well i hope its not a premonition about me !

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I think that your dream was a way of letting you know your grandma is safe and happy.

Wednesday 31 October 2007 – 12:55AM (EDT) Remove Comment

thanks Betty …it was kind of worrying but at the same time i did feel it wasnt a bad dream !


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