DREAM stabbing and attack at tube station 11 sep 07

Subject: dream about attack on woman and stabbing of boy at tube station 11 sept 07

time of dream 7-7.30pm

I was very very disturbed by this dream and woke up sweating

a large-ish very pretty woman is attacked and sexually assaulted on steps at a tube station ,early evening time,there is alot of blood so i do not know if she is dead,it is probably done by an x boyfriend or someone she turned down who she knows,doubtful that a total stranger did it,she is linked to art for her work and may be a receptionist at a gallery,i do not feel the steps are main steps outside the tube station but rather they are partially inside the station leading to a tunnel….i did see NORTHERN line posters…either she is scottish or the attacker is,i feel she knows him from a pub which is also scottish linked,in my dream the view was from the bottom of the steps and she seems to be halfway up on a sort of platform,the newspaper stall was to the left of the stairs a C name fits here and it could be her name such as Claire or similar,she is age between 22-32 and she has not lived in London for long (no longer than 2 years) she is wearing a flowered medium length skirt, a black vest type top,sandals and she is carrying a wicker shoulder bag and magazine,she has curly long hair which is very “full” she has an ankle bracelet on

possibly at the same tube station (but certainly within days of the womans attack) a young boy is stabbed in a gang related incident,the attacker left one of his trainers behind…or the attacker or victim lost one of his trainers when they got caught in an escalator while running..the name marlon or marvin is linked with this,the boy was followed on his train journey which was from south to north london (or the other way round) and he was attacked just as he was about to leave the station,he was not far from home and something “park” comes to mind…something like Tufnell Park maybe,i see him in hospital on a ventilator but i do not know if he survived,i am aware that one of the wounds was to his neck.i strongly feel that he does survive and is brave enough to name his attacker and this starts very important police activity which thankfully slows down the spate of gang related killings that have been happening,the boy is aged between 14-17 his attacker is of the same age but was ordered to do it by a gang leader with a name starting with T

in one of the attacks there was a male and female member of staff gossiping at a nearby newspaper stall,they were too busy talking to help and they will be full of guilt afterwards and need councelling ! they thought the attacks were people “messing around”


I AM HOPING AS USUAL THAT THESE DREAMS DO NOT COME TRUE !! i realise that in the case of the woman alot of details would not be made public and therefore not verifiable because there are anonimity rules following certain attacks on women

i do feel the case of the boy is a future dream but i am now getting info that the womans case could have happened in the past….not only did this dream shake me up but i am now confused

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gosh gosh gosh
I too hope this doesnt come to fruition, what a horrible thing to witness hun.

Wednesday 12 September 2007 – 12:13PM (EST) Remove Comment

*** TO FOOFY ***
whats worse about this was that it is the first really lucid dream i have had…it actually felt like i was there watching !!! i could even feel the cold breeze from the tube tunnel round my ankles and when i woke up my legs were cold !!! eeekkk also what i get around the time of these dreams is psychic drainage where all day i just cant keep my eyes open,hence the reason i sleep at strange times like the afternoon and early evening,those are the times i have the “premonitions” or spirit contact,so its almost like someone makes me tired specifically to have the dreams,it takes a lot to freak me out as you know but this sure has !!


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