Reading by photo for Shel May 07
we have only known each other a few months and never met) HER REPLIES ARE IN PURPLE

the name Gerald still wont go away (or it could be geraldine) as i said in my previous email (i had mentioned gerald to her before) i seem to remember my dad having a friend called gerald once, i also know a lady called geraldine who is the mother of one of my sisters closest school friends, they have lost touch since school though.
the name lily which could be a nickname for someone called elizabeth awesome!! my niece is called lily, also my maternal grandmother’s middle name was elizabeth.
i see a playtent that is in the shape of an indian teepee ! i see three blonde children playing around it,one of them has an eyepatch on but i think its from having treatment for a lazyeye rather than a pirate type patch,one of these children is a boy but the other two are girls,i do not think they are related unless they are cousins but i get more the feeling that they are neighbours and they were always together This could be my friends 2 nieces and my other friend’s little boy. One of the little girls has had treatment for a lazy eye, my 2 friends and i are all best friends but the other two see each other more often as i live 45 miles away. My one friend looks after her 2 nieces for her sister to go to work and my other friend visits often with the children and the children always play together. (hope this made sense).
i see an old fashioned writing desk with lots of tiny little drawers and secret hiding places that was fascinating to someone young,sweeties may have been hidden in there for someone to find as a treat,i see a white ornament or sculpture on top of it which i think is a bird i cant relate to this
i feel that when you were young you may have had trouble with your ears,either grommets,perforated eardrum or a hearing problem yes i always had trouble with my ears when i was little
at school you were very quiet and shy until you got to secondary where you came out of your shell and became popular although you were quite untrusting towards people and kept them at arms length, i get the name rachel,she was important its the other way around i was quite popular at primary school but when i went to secondary school i went quiet and shy and i was untrusting towards others as i was made fun of quite a lot. i did have a friend called rachel for a while in year 11 but she was the year above me so when she left school we kinda lost touch.
a small school with a saint name with a large tree in the front playground and a favourite teacher who was an oldish woman i can relate to this but not the saint’s name. my old junior school did have a playground with a big tree in and i did have a favourite teacher who was getting on a bit called mrs axeford.
i see a grandfather or great uncle type figure with a 1920’s style wooden clock on a mantlepiece that ticked really loud and would send you into a daydream,this may have been the start of you opening up psychically,the man is standing up leaning on the mantlepiece with a newspaper under his arm and there is a small bird in the corner of the room in a cage,i can hear it singing. i cant relate to this info at the moment but i feel i should know it.
UPDATE today ( june 6th we investigated an abandoned farm and there was this very same clock and the room i had a vision of !!! so,thats explains what i was seeing Shel !)
a red tricycle with a box at the back ? used to carry dolls/toys in i had a dark orange tricycle when i was about 3 which possibly had a box on the back, i probably would have put dolls/toys in the back of it.
a dark blue front door with possibly the number 11,someone was very happy living here but had to move when the house became too small as the family grew larger (this seems to be in the late 1960’s) not sure about this but can check it out got a few ideas what it may relate to.
a broken wooden gate that was used to swing on !! much to the annoyance of adult family members again i feel i should know this information.
a very happy and protected childhood with a lot of family get togethers yes i did have a happy but protected childhood with lots of getogethers i had a medical condition which meant my mum was a little overprotective of me.
white roses are symbolic and may represent a grandmother figure,i see them in someones kitchen and i also see them on a dress with a dark background im not sure but the dress fits the description of one that my maternal grandmother used to wear and im pretty sure my paternal grandmother loved white roses, and she always had a vase of flowers in the house, not sure where they would have been placed though.
i see a black shiny headstone with gold writing (quite modern…no earlier than 1970’s )and yellow flowers growing around it,someone goes here to visit without fail every month,i feel that a female is buried here and may be a grandmother or aunt.someone recently left a little ornament there of a hedgehog or some sort of wildlife that is amazing. my maternal grandmother’s headstone is black and shiny, she died in 1998 and either both my uncles or one of my cousins go to visit the grave once a month without fail. not sure about the yellow flowers and i can check about the wildlife figurine (ive not been to visit the grave for a long time).
a garage type building which is not used for a car but is used for storage is worrying someone because they do not feel it is secure and the contents are boxes of family photos,they plan to move them out soon and put them in a loft instead. doesnt ring any bells with me
someone has been having trouble with their knee and is on a waiting list to have it looked at,i get a female for this but they have to travel quite far to the hospital this could be my great aunt evelyn – she has had a few health problems in recent years.
i see a wedding in september/october 2009,this has been planned for the last year but alot of saving up needs to go on first,i see italy as a holiday or honeymoon destination i feel this is for me as ive always said the next time i go abroad it will be to italy and me and bf have been talking about marriage.
an overweight tabby cat that lived to a very old age i can see lying on the bottom of a bed which has a flowery cover on it and lots of cushions i think this may be my mother’s cat when she lived at home.
Wow i am immensely impressed with this, you are spot on with some of the info you got. there are one or two bits i cant relate to but hey we cant be right all of the time. Given how hard it is to do absent readings at a distance and especially from a photograph id say give yourself a rather large pat on the back. Well done.
a reading i gave for Shelsboyfriend who i know nothing about and only saw what he looked like when she emailed me a photo to read (shels replies in blue)
i got soooo much stuff coming through that i had to go and watch tv to stop it which was really bizarre…just hoping this applies to your bf and not someone else i have been asked to do a reading for lol
i feel that an anscestor was a medical man in the 1800’s and i get the name Dr Robinson i feel this may be why your boyfriend does not take medicine/pills unless totally necessary – he doesnt know much about his ancestry but he takes pills like sweets for each little pain.
i see a kayak or canoe type boat (no good with boats ha ha) he has either tried this or would like to – he used to go kyaking when he was in school
i see an air cadet – he was in the marine scouts (or whatever they’re called) breifly
i feel lower back problems on the right especially…maybe even had a slipped disc
he has had some pain in his lower back in the past but he’s never slipped a disc.
did he have eczema as a child ? i also get that he may be allergic to cats or was and grew out of it – no andrew has asthma which is related to eczema tho he was allergic to dogs tho, i think he still is. Also our daughter has eczema so you could be picking up on that.
i sense headaches and think that he is meant to wear glasses ! – spot on he does get headaches and is very short sighted he needs to wear his glasses more often.
i see a signet ring which is plain gold but may have a tiny red stone in the centre
his grandfather has a ring exactly like that well done.
i see a basket of fruit and feel that this symbolises fruit picking on a farm possibly when a young child or a relative did this – he cant relate to this or remember anyone who did pick fruit.
i see an untidy pile of non fiction books possibly to do with war history – there is an untidy pile of books in the pull down part of his wardrobe but they are not to do with war history. Andrew’s dad is into war history tho so thats what i think you are picking up.
i see a man in his 30-40’s who was a family friend or cousin who passed over and is wearing a kilt with red/green tartan (although i am part scottish i cannot remember which clan that would be) – his name has links to scotland cant place the man though
the names stuart,ian,mary and keith – this is interesting, he has an uncle ian, keith is one of his father’s friends, he had a friend called stuart in school, and his mothers friend is called marie but it can sound like mary, excellent work.
i feel that he has helped work on a loft conversion or fancies trying to do one himself – he hasnt worked on a loft conversion, although he did used to help his grandfather when he was younger on building jobs.
i feel that a female in his family (not you shel) is into astronomy and / or astrology and is trying to learn about it, andrew is into astronomy, but the only female i can think of who is remotely interested in anything like that is his brother’s gf.
thundercats or a thunderbird car ! or an interest in watching thunder storms…not sure,just got the word thunder – both of these would be correct, he had a thundercats car and plane when he was little and he loves watching thunderstorms
i see an old fashioned butchers bike and think a relative used this or somewhere your boyfriend goes like a shop or work has one parked up nearby – possibly someone at work has a bike like this
the surname or first name scott – cant relate this information
i feel your bf sits on the back door step thinking alot…usually at night – no andrew is scared of the dark lol
i see a wishing well which may symbolise his wishes will come true or because i see it in a location that looks like scotland or ireland he may have links there – yes andrew has links in both scotland and ireland
i sense he is from a small family and he could even be an only child – no its the other way around lol he’s from quite a large family and has one brother.
i sense that someone in the family has adopted/fostered or is thinking about it – could possibly be his cousin and partner
i see thailand and think he would like to visit there – his uncle has been to thailand a few times i think this is what you are picking up on here. andrew hates flying
i feel he does not drink alcohol – he doesnt drink much alcohol but he’s not tee total yet lol
did he ever work as a lifeguard for a summer job ? umm i dont think so but he is a strong swimmer so that may be the link
cooking interests him and he has even thought about doing a night class – andrew doesnt know how to switch the cooker on lol so i dont think this is for andrew
he has always been mature for his age even as a child – no he is quite immature for his age
i feel he avoids confrontation as he is pretty quiet – that is spot on, andrew will go out of his way to avoid a confrontation and is always the pacifier when an argument breaks out.
i think he is not totally satisfied with his job and has considered in the past doing some voluntary aid work abroad – he hates his job, and has done voluntary work but not abroad
when he was young he might have wanted to be a PE teacher or a PE teacher was one he was fond of – he did have a PE teacher who he liked
i see him clashing with someone at work or a close friend and feeling unappreciated – yep this happens all the time, he clashes with the managers at work all the time and feels that whatever he does isnt good enough for them.
he will go through an indecisive year to do with work but after that things will be better than ever – this is looking to be true at the moment coz he doesnt know what he wants.
someone close to him recently gave up smoking due to a health scare or as part of a health drive – yes his aunty lindy just recently gave up smoking due to a health scare.
hope that is not just a load of waffle !!!no it wasnt a load of waffle lol you have done well here, and have got some good hits there are a few things that he cant understand but i think that you may have been crossing with the other person you are reading at the moment all in all a good reading well done.
shel xx
i was asked to leave a part out of this reading when i posted it on my blog because it was personal so some of it is missing but what i got was quite detailed and really suprised me !!!
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I was astounded at how much of the information in the reading was correct. Ok there are a few misses but we cant be right all of the time and it may down to crossed energies. But 2 great readings with a lot of good information. This info isnt on any of my blogs nor do i know evee all that well. We have never met or spoken on the phone just over yahoo 360 for a few months. That’s what makes the readings all the more impressive. Well done evee.

Thursday 31 May 2007 – 10:44PM (BST) Remove Comment

thank you my dear…your readings for us have been very very accurate : ) and i do not know you either so we are perfect to practice on each other… i am really enjoying these experiments,its amazing what can be developed over the internet ! thanks for all your help xx

Friday 1 June 2007 – 02:07PM (EEST) Remove Comment


Friday 1 June 2007 – 11:08AM (EDT) Remove Comment

thank you Annie xx

Friday 1 June 2007 – 06:31PM (EEST) Remove Comment

did you know NASA did psychic experiments on buzz aldridge when he was in outer space? im not sure what they involved but buzz picked up on a lot of accurate information from the earth whilst in outer space. So it just goes to show that you dont have to be near someone to develop psychic links to them.

Friday 1 June 2007 – 05:03PM (BST) Remove Comment

wow no i didnt know that,but then i dont believe they went to the moon !! but i will def try and read up on that,it may well change my mind !!

Saturday 2 June 2007 – 12:31AM (EEST) Remove Comment


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