RE MISSING GIRL ( MM) 8 sep 07

going back about 7 weeks i had a dream/vision about the little missing girl Maddy,i also had one about a week an a half ago that seems to be coming true !!! i do not want to put the details here yet incase i am wrong as it is such a recent thing and a very sensitive subject but i did email my visions to my witnesses as soon as i had them…and may blog them here at a later date. (my witness also had a similar dream to mine and she is also a sensitive !)

I know that we are all still praying for little Maddy and hoping there is a miracle and she is found.

OTHER NEWS…… i am booked in for a weekend at a castle in feb to do a course for mediums,hopefully that will be the final stage of my psychic development

sorry for the delay in adding part two of the evidence from the latest airbase investigation but there is soooo much footage/photos/evp to go through that i have not finished yet !! it will be well worth the wait i can assure you


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