READING FOR MR S (in USA) 8 nov 07

This reading i carried out for a man who is on my friends list on multiply but has only been on it for a couple of weeks and i did not know him beforehand,i deliberatly did not read any of his blogs (which can be proved by the “footprints” on his page) i did this reading by photograph

his comments ……..hi. i sent back the reading with my comments as an attachment to this
email. thanks so much for taking the time to do the reading. some of
the things you saw were quite surprising. in all, i was impressed.
borderline amazed. i’m looking forward to you doing a reading of the
house even more so now.

MY READING …my comments in pink his replies are in red

* i was picking up on throat problems,either you had them as a child (maybe even a tonsillectomy) or you have problems there now

I did have a lot of throat problems as a child, including a tonsillectomy at age 8. In addition, I’ve been diagnosed as hypo-thyroid and it’s an ongoing process trying to keep that under control.

* i get that you are shy and it takes you a long while to trust,i see waryness in your eyes !

The shy part I would have to agree with. And I do have basically a cynical nature, but I tend to give people the benefit of a doubt until they prove untrustworthy. It just doesn’t surprise me when it happens.

* i think that you were married quite late (ie you were not 18 or anything very young)

This one’s not accurate. I met my wife at age 19. We’ve been married 36 years.

* i saw handmade wooden boxes,someone close to you makes/sells them,or you make them,some of them looked very old so maybe someone collects them,i also felt that an ancestor could have been an undertaker ? it could even mean your house had something to do with that

This is something I’ll have to think about or check on. It doesn’t make sense to me at the moment.

* i felt pain in my right hand,did you have a work injury or do you have problems with the hand joints ?

About 11 years ago I crushed 2 fingers of my right hand in a machine at work. No lasting problems, but it was nasty when it happened.

* i saw a banjo,i do not know what that means,i feel it is probably an ornament in your house or someone left you one

We’ve been cleaning our house lately, trying to get rid of things we don’t use or need anymore. One of the things that we just came across was an old banjo of mine that I never really learned to play.

* i feel that you had depression regarding a job which took a good couple of years to get over

Very true. I had a lot of trouble at my job several years ago. It did take several years and some medical treatment for depression to get over it.

* the name melville or melvin comes in somewhere

I was going to say this one was not accurate, but then thought about the sound of the words. The town we live in is Delavan. It sounds a lot like melvin. Curious.

* i feel you are easily stressed and that you suffer palpitations that is nothing serious just stress related,i also get that you may suffer from stress related eczema

I wouldn’t say I’m easily stressed. I’m about the most laid back person you’ll run into, however, my body does sometimes react when I don’t. Eczema has been a problem at times.

* you did or do suffer from insomnia

I generally don’t suffer from insomnia, but after some health problems last year I had a period of time where sleep was a real problem.

*i saw an enamel badge with a train on it

I had already written that this was inaccurate when I had my wife read this reading. When she read this, she said “what about your hat pin from Alaska?” sure enough, it’s a small metal pin with enamel paint on it showing a train.

* i think you were arrested for a very silly petty offence age about 21

Nope. No arrests. But I was sthauled into a police station for being in a car with someone who was speeding excessively. Another time I was stopped and frisked because I ‘ looked suspicious’. opped a couple times for stupid things about that time. Once I was

* i saw red around your forehead and think you get headaches there or you need to get your glasses prescription checked

I get occasional headaches due to allergies. Nothing serious.

*i saw an island i do not know where it is but there are a lot of seagulls around it,someone probably goes here to relax

I wish I had an island to go to. Seagulls are common in this area, though. Lots of small lakes that they like.

* i very very clearly saw a fox and think you either like them alot of your animal guide is one

Interesting. I have a 40 minute commute to work through farmland. I’m constantly watching for deer, raccoon, opossums and other critters that don’t understand about car traffic. Last week, one of the animals that ran out in the road in front of me was a red fox. It’s rare to see them. I have no idea what my animal guide might be.

*i saw a firemans hat and think that someone close to you has that profession or you have links to New York ? it was certainly NOT a UK firemans hat

I have no connection to firemen or nyc that I can think of.

* i saw a big wheel / ferris wheel and think you had an accident near one when you were a child or you got lost at a fairground when young,the wheel could also symbolise a cart wheel

Again, this doesn’t ring any bells with me.

* i saw a huge painting hanging on a wall near a telephone,i could not see what the painting is,but it is a dark and gloomy painting that belongs to someone with the initial T

It would be a real stretch to make this one make sense. In the store room we were cleaning, the place with the banjo, there is a big old Victorian painting hanging on a hook. Dark and gloomy from decades of cigarette smoke coating it. Telephones were also found in the store room, but not terribly near the painting. And no one with the initial T can be connected to the painting.

* i saw a silver spoon and think this means someone has a silver wedding anniversary coming up or someone works in catering

You got silver spoons right, but not the interpretation. We just sold a set of sterling silver tableware and still have some silver serving spoons sitting out waiting for us to decide what to do with them.

* this number was very clear to me 23640 ???

It means nothing to me right now.

* balls of wool ,do you live near an old fabric mill,or very near to sheep

We live about ½ a mile from a building that used to be a fabric mill.

*the name carol ann ? this could be someone you know but the funny thing i thought is that you like the poltergeist movies

Two possible hits on this one. First, my wife’s name is Carla Roxanne. Very close in sound to Carol Ann. Second, I do like the first 2 Poltergeist movies. In fact yesterday my daughter was over here and we were talking about them. Maybe you were overhearing our conversation.

* someone with spine/back problems,nothing serious but it does cause them to be quite immobile sometimes

My brother has curviture of the spine which I’m sure bothers him from time to time, but as far as I know it hasn’t immobilized him at all.

* someone with links to scotland or they want to visit / move there

If you’d said Ireland I’d call it a hit. We love irish culture and music and would love to visit there. No links to Scotland that I can think of.

* about five years ago i think there was alot of worry about a females health,there were a lot of blood tests but thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious,possibly diet controlled diabetes ?

This seems to be mixing two different problems. About 5 years ago we were worried about my wife’s health, but it was a problem with depression. About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes, which is being controlled with diet and medication.


thanks Mr S for letting me practice on you

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Emma…very interesting reading. Seems are doing better ones each time. Good job.

Friday 9 November 2007 – 02:55AM (EST) Remove Comment

Great job my friend!


Tuesday 20 November 2007 – 10:41AM (GMT) Remove Comment

Great job on the reading you are really good at what you do,enjoy your weekend my friend!!



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