Since opening up psychically i have found that i can do what is known as automatic writing,this is apparantly caused by spirits taking over your pen/pencil and writing for you !

the writing comes very very fast with me and my hand shakes like it has a life of its own.

what i found most spooky and interesting about this is that the writing that the spirits use is very very similar to my grandmothers writing (she died about four years ago) my automatic writing before she died did not look like this but now it is the same writing that comes through all the time.

myself,i am not sure if automatic writing is just the sub concious taking over and i will remain sceptical about it until i can verify A LOT of information that comes through,not just small parts of it.


Click to enlarge.

my normal handwriting

Click to enlarge.

automatic writing after a trip to castle hills (my notes are in red) notice how the line “my lady” is very similar to my grandmothers writing !

automatic writing during meditation last night

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my grandmothers writing from a letter she sent while she was alive…notice the last line and compare to the automatic writing

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Wow Emma that is so neat. I have tried to do that but I just can never seem to get my mind clear enough. Share more please!

Tuesday 19 June 2007 – 01:20PM (EDT) Remove Comment

yes of course i will share more,i had not actually tried this for a while and the man who was “writing ” through me last night certainly had a lot to say…he wrote SIX pages LOL
all you need to do is practice meditating then it should come to you ! xx

Tuesday 19 June 2007 – 09:25PM (EEST) Remove Comment


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