wow i cannot tell you how shocked i am…..

had not seen my cousin for about 8 months and we got onto the subject of the paranormal and i mentioned a few of my dreams and info i had been given lately and my cousin was so freaked out because it seems i have been picking up on friends of hers who have died !!

(all these things had been logged and sent to my witnesses when i had these dreams etc)

(1) i saw a red car spinning round about four times on the road outside our house and crashing………………..this happened to my cousins friend,outside our house,in a red car which spun FOUR times and he sadly died (about 2 years before we moved here !!)

(2) the man i saw by the road with no face (see faceless spirit post) was seen in the area where a man she knew died in a crash,the spirit i saw fits the bodily description of this man,i asked why he may have shown himself with no face and she said his face was smashed in during the accident !!

(3) CREDIT GOES TO MY HUSBAND WHO GOT THIS CORRECT my husband saw a man and woman standing down a country road and was baffled as to why they would be standing there and dressed in summer clothes in the winter,my cousin knew of a couple who died on this road when they tried to walk home in the dark,they died in the summer

these things i did not know as i hardly ever see my cousin and we are new to this area !


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wow thats seriously freaky. you’re doing great with your psychic dreams, it looks as though spirit like working with you through your dreams. they like to show me symbols and pictures but i think thats got more to do with the stage of development that im at right now. great work keep it up.

Monday 28 May 2007 – 10:46PM (BST) Remove Comment

That is absolutely incredible! Your cousin must have been some shocked by the details you had in your dreams. Celtic what type of symbols do you see? I get more emotions, intuitions, sensations of people, places and things. Some times I get faded video tape like photos with bits and pieces of what their trying to show me. I am no where near you or HGH, but i’ll keep working on it.

Monday 28 May 2007 – 09:02PM (EDT) Remove Comment

hgh p… yes it does look like they like contacting me via dreams which is fine by me as i really fancy studying dream-ology or what ever its called LOL have a great day xxx

Tuesday 29 May 2007 – 01:04PM (EEST) Remove Comment

im going to email you today : )

Tuesday 29 May 2007 – 01:05PM (EEST) Remove Comment

my hubby is really freaked out that he saw the two spirits he NEVER sees anything…must have been hanging around with me too long ha ha

Wednesday 30 May 2007 – 04:19PM (EEST) Remove Comment

good job.! keep us posted on these dreams


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