my neck was playing up so i went for a sleep about 4pm today…at about 6pm i was woken with a nightmare that may not sound disturbing here but it really was !!

i dreamt about the same gothic looking girl that i have dreamt of a few times lately(who is modern not proper gothic as in Victorian but she looks to be within the last 15 years),she is thin has long dark hair and an eyebrow piercing that is in the wrong place, it is right in the middle of her eyebrow rather than the corner like most people have them.i think her name is Rachel or Rebecca


in my dream she was trying to get me to beat her up and was attacking me,so i did and i kicked the heck out of her but she kept coming back for more so in my dream i was thinking “hang on this isnt right she must be a spirit”

i ran to a house to get some help and she appeared in front of me and was throwing buckets of blood everywhere ! my phone was ringing (again a dream about phones…see dreams from my past blogs) and i could hear her voice which sounded pretty eerie and she was freaking out and yelling and screaming but she was stood in front of me and was not on the phone and her mouth was not moving,therefore she was projecting her voice or doing it psychically.

a lot of people started gathering and saying “oh yeah shes really freaky” and they were all scared of her ,she then appeared surrounded by head stones !!!!

people were finding bits of her clothing covered in blood all over the place.

Then i saw two photographers fighting over who had the right to be there to take photos,i was sticking up for one of them and started showing him my work.

My husband was then in the dream and he went to start his car up,i knew the strange girl had done something to it and was trying to stop him,the car lurched forward and hit another one and narrowly missed driving through a house.

i was trying to film everything the strange girl did so i could give it to the police i was saying to her “im filming you know” and she just laughed.

My dog was there and he was going crazy at her and foaming at the mouth with fright.

I was looking in her bag to find out who she was but there was nothing in it apart from a black crystal

There you go…i told you i have the freakiest dreams if i go to sleep early LOL

but who is this girl and why does she keep appearing in my dreams ??? this dream was so frightening i was actually quite freaked out when i woke up

if this is spirit contact i would say that this girl was bullied and murdered and very very angry about it

update 4th june

last night my hubby was on his way home from work and almost hit a car that was parked up on the WRONG side of the road in the dark !

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ok that is one freaky dream. however, im getting vibes from your dream. I feel this is a young girl who led a troubled life and got in with the wrong crowd. I feel they may have been satan worshipers and she was beaten and brutally sacrificed hence the amount of blood in your dream. you are right i feel she is very angry about it and i think she wants your help. Also is it possible that she is the phantom bride? (just seems weird how you took photos of the bride and a few hours later had a weird dream about this goth girl) there could be a link. Lastly going completely off subject the other side to this dream is that the goth girl could be your alter ego. Ill stop waffling now lol

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Very interesting waffling Celtic!!!

Sunday 3 June 2007 – 11:41AM (EDT) Remove Comment

my alter ego …thats more frightening than the dream LOL but yes you could be right as i can be very dark at times ! i dont think she is the phantom bride as i get the name evaline for her and the gothic girl is def modern,i dont know,im kind of getting the feeling that the girl from my dream is actually alive !! (at the moment) its all weird as hell and has really bothered me but yes the occult connection you mention certainly fits and i wonder if she is linked to one of the occult derelict churches round here …will let you know if i dream of her again thanks for your insight


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