a message about TV presenter ? 13 apr 08

Regarding the missing TV presenter Mark Speight who very sadly was found dead at Paddington train station on sunday (he commited suicide by hanging as he could not handle the death of his fiance) …..

The night before his body was found we were at a private house investigation with my paranormal team (at this point people were still thinking that Mark Speight was alive,he had in actual fact killed himself abou four days before) we recieved an EVP recording of a voice saying MARK now this could just be a coincedence,but no one in the house has the name Mark and research did not show that anyone in the past who had lived in that house was called Mark !!

Mark Speight, 42, was found hanging near a London train station last Sunday. (Image Supplied

Maybe we were recieving a message about him ? click on the link below to hear the recording



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