it is only recently that i realised i was an “empath” these are people who feel what other people are feeling and often take on their emotions,they can also pick up and display emotions of spirits.(this explains why i can cry at the drop of a hat if i am watching something on tv)

A good case of this yesterday….

My son came home with a female friend who i have only met once before and for only five minutes,we all sat round the kitchen table last night having a laugh and a joke when suddenly i became overwhelmed with immense sadness and didnt know why,it was so bad i had to leave the room and compose myself.

When i went back in i asked if his male friends were ok,if any of them had been sad lately and he asked if his female friend could tell me why she was staying at our house for the night…..her mother is in hospital with a brain tumour !! bless her

I had not picked that up from anything she said or did,she was hiding it well and we were having a laugh


i had asked if a particular male friend of my sons was sad,as i saw him sitting on his bed crying,he split up with his girlfriend that night which we only found out yesterday

also a friend of a friend of my sons who had been missing 4 days was found dead the next day,poor guy

so that explains the IMMENSE sadness i felt if i was picking up on if i was sensing all that

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jun 21, ’08
Emma, that kind of happened to me a few months ago. This lady had surrendered her cats to me. She was a very bad acholic and was going in to rehab. From the moment our eyes met it was if the weight of the world was on my shoulders. When I left I am not ashamed to say I pulled off the side of the road and bawled like a baby. Gosh I have never cried that hard ever…I felt like I was smothering. All I can think of was that I took that lady’s grief/pain on myself. That whole incident caught me way off guard.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jun 21, ’08
oh i know what you mean,its awful isnt it,i sometimes wish i couldnt pick up on this and i am sure you feel the same.it can be terribly embarrassing too !! i once cried all the way home on the bus just from watching something on tv when i was at a friends house,i also used to pick up peoples sadness when i was a vet nurse and it kind of effected my job,thats why i moved on to dental.
Oh i hope that lady managed to pick herself up abit but im glad you took her cats in,at least she knew they were in good hands xx

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jun 21, ’08
oh PS see the update above xx

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jun 21, ’08
She is doing better now. She is in rehab for atleast 4 more months. The first 30 days she could not contact anyone not even her own family. She sent me a nice card thanking me for takin the cats and apologizing for…the shape she was in that day. I sent her some pictures of the cats back. Normally when some one surrenders their pets they don’t get them back…but I told her once she gets well I would drive the cats all the way to her in West Virgina. Her sister had contacted me before she went to rehab asking if I could help her sister. She said she refused to go rehab if her cats were not taken care of. So I felt like I needed to do something. The cats are 2 sisters both 13 years old. Named Diamond and Emerald. They are beautiful long haired grey and white cats.They stayed hidden for days when…they first got here. Slowly but surely they have come around. Now they are part of..the family. When I can I will post some pics of them. I can’t type in here…if my words are stuck together it is my dang keyboard LOL!

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jun 21, ’08
Oh poor heartbroken kid. I remember that pain all too well. When you are young and you break up with someone at the time you know nothing except pain and heartbreak.I am sad about Nate’s friend. That is so pitiful.

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