HOTEL FIRE 26 apr 08

at the weekend we were at a very old hotel while my son played a gig,the room he was in gave me some psychic feelings and i strongly felt as if there had been a huge fire in there hundreds of years ago and that a maid may have died (this hotel is an old coaching inn used by the likes of Dick Turpin,strangely enough my family is meant to be descendants of Dick Turpins right hand man Tom King !!) i was there in my other role as a photographer doing some journalism shots of the event

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Imagine my shock when i got this photo,at first i was terrified that it might be an awful premonition about my son but then i realised that what looks like fire is probably around him because he is a spirit sensitive.

No other photos came out like this and this does not fit in with the lighting that was there or the flash from my camera

I will be reserching the history of this hotel at the weekend and will post an update if i can find anything

UPDATE 29 May 08 our co founder has researched the hotel and found that in the late 1800’s there was indeed a serious fire that badly damaged this part of the hotel.,we are trying to find out if the fire caused any deaths because i picked up on some names while i was there


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