Last night i went on an initial paranormal investigation,where i interview the clients and take a few photos etc,this was a private house where a lovely young man lives (i had investigated his sisters house in the past)

anyway,i sat on the middle of the stairs as i seem to get info there whatever the location

the first thing i got was the name JO or JOE i didnt know if it was male or female,(someone present confirmed their mothers name and their mothers boyfriends name are JO and JOE)

i picked up that there was a man with a really tatty pair of leather slippers that he wouldnt throw away,(this was confirmed by girl present who said that was her dad who passed 3 years ago)

i picked up on someone with dark auburn hair and a missing front tooth,(confirmed as same girls mother)

i picked up on the names Janet and Clive,(confirmed as the owners teachers names when he was at school)

i picked up that an old lady who owned the owners fridge previously didnt like it being in his front room,(confirmed later via someone else on the phone that the woman who owned the fridge previously “like everything in its place”)

the names jenny or gerry linked with a chair (not confirmed)

the name Carol,(this is the girl who was presents mother)

a thick necklace chain with a st christopher medal (not confirmed)

someone wanting to move urgently (not sure on that one but sounds possible)

1994 is important,(confirmed as being the year the girl who was presents twin brothers were born)

84 (not confirmed)

The place KENT,there is a Kent road in the area but i feel it is more the county of Kent

someone with breathing problems (not confirmed)

a holiday that was saved up for but was a disaster due to illness,fights,lost luggage (not confirmed but did ring some bells with someone present)

later when i got home i saw two faces in a photo,they were not really there,i get this sometimes,its a sort of message for only me to see

i described the man as being dark haired,eyes close together,thick eyebrows,short but shaggy hair and a wide nose that is slightly squashed

a photo was sent to my phone later that night of the girls dad and there are some good similarities particulary the eyes and nose but the hair is wrong,i may have been seeing him at a younger age

the woman i saw had very unusually small features and blonde hair with a fringe (waiting on confirmation if this was the lady who owned the fridge)


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