past life experiment 18 feb 08

 past life experiment 18 February 2008

This is a long one so grab a cuppa

they say that if you have irrational fears then you are probably fearing things because they belong to your past life,i thought that i would put this to the test because for a long time i have felt that i was possibly a victim of the R101 airship disaster in 1930

(to find out more just google R101 and you will get the whole tragic story,not to mention a transcript of a seance by Harry Price and the medium Eileen Garret who contacted the pilot a few hours after he died)

anyway to cut a long story short firstly here are the reasons why i think it is a past life thing :

Reasons  I  think I was on  the R101

  1. my irrational fear of airships
  2. my irrational fear of Cardington    hangers
  3. links to Bedford
  4. could the hum i hear be the last thing i heard ?
  5. our family name King is the name of one of the victims
  6. all victims were male, I am not very feminine most of the time
  7. I am not scared of air balloons or planes, in fact I love planes, maybe it is because I knew planes were safer
  8. I cannot look at photos of the hangers or airships without being upset
  9. photos of the R101 crash scene make me feel sick
  10. I have an irrational hate for France
  11. the house we lived at with the door number 101 I hated, never knew why until now
  12. I love 1930’s buildings
  13. I ended up in a 1930’s house
  14. I felt really really sad when I saw newsreel footage of the passengers boarding the airship
  15. think I met J for a reason so I would get to see Cardington (i once met a woman who i went on an investigation with and if it wasnt for her i would not have found out where the hangers were,i never saw her again !)
  16. I hate dome shaped structures, such as those cinemas, the thing we saw the astronomy show in and the dome shaped tennis courts
  17. I hate to be crowded by people
  18. the idea of mass graves disturbs me
  19. although I am scared of airships i have always had a fascination with airbases and aviation, I even wanted to join RAF (maybe this is because my past life personality knows that aircraft are safer than airships !!)
  20. fascinated with Harry Price and only recently found out about the R101 séance
  21. the need to take a lot of belongings I don’t need with me in my bag
  22. The brown marks on my body could relate to being burnt
  23. I often smell smoke, this could also relate and twice when we had fires in our house i really panicked,even though they were only small ones.
  24. I had a dream of spirit hands pushing at the roof of a white dome type structure made of material.
  25. people used to laugh at me because i liked 1930’s music


we decided to go to Cardington cemetery to see what feelings i would get near the grave

me looking deep in thought,48 bodies are buried under here ! there were 6 survivors and the victims were buried along side the air minister Lord Thompson who was the one who pushed for the airship to fly even though it wasnt ready ! i wonder how the victims feel being buried along side him ?

The R101 over London

one of the few crash scene photos i can bear to look at !

when we found this photo of the crew just before their fateful flight i was drawn straightaway to the man circled,could i be looking at myself ?

The hangers that housed the R100 and R101 i was petrifed of these ! this does not show how big they are,imagine that you can fit the titanic inside one with room to spare and you can get an idea (the one that housed fateful R101 on the left is derelict but the one on the right is owned by warner brothers and films such as batman,harry potter and charlie and the chocolate factory were made inside)

the visit to the grave was very sombre and moving,we did not pick up anything on the video or photos but we did catch some amazing evp’s that seem to confirm my theory……

when i ask if anyone wants help moving on a male says TELL HER (there were no males around,in fact it was just myself and yvonne in a very empty cemetery at this point i was right down the back on my own)–TELL-HER

i had left a rose at the memorial,when i say i brought you something there is a gap then someone whispers ROSE

a strange breathing noise among or talking,when you consider the way they died,burnt to death this breathing fits in

when i as specifically for William King there is a gap then someone whispers YES are they confirming that i was that person ?

This one gave us the shivers,when i ask if i am looking at my own grave a voice says YES

we did not realise the importance of this evp,we wondered why they would say MUSIC but when we researched more when we got home we found photos of the memorial that show there was a huge brass band present !!

the two recordings below are faint but you can hear a sort of sore throat noise,this would also fit in with the being burnt

This is one of our best evps ever,and this gave us the creeps, a man saying something like HE HAS….. (gap)……YOUR EYES is this letting me know that i look like my past life ? maybe the man i could have been had similar eyes !!! (we are trying to find out if the man circled in the crew photo is in fact William King and we hope to get a clearer version) dont have your speakers too loud because this will distort

same evp amplified slightly and repeated three times note how this voice is also croaky and sounds like it could have inhaled smoke in a fire !!

we were really amazed by the results from what was only a half hour visit during the day and we will be returning very soon,we will also be doing A LOT of history research on this particular case

when looking at the funeral photos i felt that the man i am linked to thought it was “all a big fuss about nothing ” !! i felt he would rather have been buried alone and did not see himself as a hero

This seems to be confirmed in an evp where i ask would they rather have been in seperate graves and a voice replies YES

incidentally ,they say you should face your fears in order to get over them,this is what i did,after years of being scared witless of airships i can now look at them since this investigation,i can now go near the hangers that a few weeks ago made me feel sick even when i saw them from a distance,i now even think i could go inside !!! (we are going to look into gaining access)

if you have an irrational fear you cannot get to the bottom of then try looking into your past life,you can have many of them and this is the second one i have found out about but this one seems to be the most important,for example if you cannot swim and are scared of water you could well have drowned,birthmarks on your body can relate to past life injuries ,maybe you are claustrophobic for no reason,you could have been imprisoned in a tiny cell hundreds of years ago.

remember,as in my case you dont even have to have been the same sex !! if you have met someone you feel a huge connection to they may have known you in a past life,some people have even been known to have the strangest relationships ie a man and wife in this life could have been a mother and son in a past life !

we believe that my husband was a highway man in a past life and thats interesting because my family on my grans side were apparatly related to Dick Turpins partner in crime Matthew King,my husband is really obsessive with money to the point that it is annoying,likes horses,feels really at home in coaching inns and loves the “great north road” which was the route highwaymen used.

You do not even have to be from the same race and culture,for example we think our son was an African cotton picker who was badly treated (yes i know it sounds ridiculous !!) he eats with his hands and specifically his right one,he wiped his food up with his fingers,he is afraid of cotton wool to the point he almost cries if it goes near him and he HATES being told what to do (yes i know thats normal with teenagers but he really really hates it) from a  VERY young age he could do a really good African accent and we did not know anyone AFrican at the time.

My other past life was as a witch this is why i think that ……,when we asked for new housing we were given a list of areas and told to tick the areas we would be willing to live in,my husband asked why the heck i had ticked a certain village,i didnt know i had….i told him not to worry we probably wouldnt be put there,two days later we got a call saying they had the perfect house for us and it really was just what we were looking for,they said we could go and look but as it was Friday late afternoon we wouldnt be able to go in and look,but we could have a nose through the windows,so off we went and when we got there the back door was WIDE OPEN,almost as if the house was saying ” come in”,we went in and fell in love and accepted straight away,i said to my husband that i knew this village as i had already investigated it with the para group….

it was famous for being the place where the last witches in the UK were hung (the Samuels family who were an elderly lady,her husband and their daughter,they were murdered due to the accusations of the Throckmorton family,the most ridiculous thing was that even though the family were accusing the Samuels they demanded that they lived in the house with them !!!,Lady Cromwell was partly to blame for their hanging as she misheard something that Alice Samuels had said..this may be who pushed me down stairs at a mansion we investigated that had been a home of the cromwells ? maybe Lady Cromwell recognised me.

anyway…to cut a long story short…..this would explain my neck problem that has gone undiagnosed for years and also my fear of water.It would explain why i took huuuuge offence when my husbands family called me a witch (because they are Greek they have a big fear of the paranormal and didnt like me being into it)

We had been living here a few weeks when i smelt the most awful burning,i really thought our house was on fire and it lasted all day,when i researched later i found that there had been a really bad fire in the village that wiped out most of the houses,not long after the samuels were hung,i wonder if that was their revenge ??

Before we lived here we investigated the local cemetery and caught what looked like a male figure in a Cromwell period hat as a shadow and also an evp saying ” i hung her” were we looking at the Samuels executioner ?

another possible past life experience i have had goes like this…since i was little i kept drawing a white building with a clock tower and a huge pond in front,i kept dreaming about it and in my dream the sky was stormy and i was in the pond,the water was inky black and statues were coming out of it and grabbing me (i have always been scared of statues and i cannot bear to watch the vodka advert where a huge statue comes out of the sea) this dream went on for years and years,anyway one day we were asked to drop a friend off in a part of london we didnt know as we were driving down a road lined with trees i suddenly said “that building is there” so we drove in to look and there it was !! we went back the next day and it was the sunniest day ever,i took lots of photos and a woman came out of the building , she told us a bit of history,it was a town hall and i almost fell over in fear when she said ” you should go round the back and photograph the statues” it took me a while to get brave enough,when i went there the statues were just as i had seen in my dream !!! the only difference was that they were kind of half carved into the wall and obviously not in the pond,i do not to this day know WHY i am linked to that place,but i may have drowned in the pond and in real life it was real people grabbing at me trying to save me not the statues,the statues were obviously just a pointer so i would recognise the location.

The strangest thing that was when we got the photos back the sky behind the builing in one photo only was all stormy,black and cloudy (like in my dream) as i have already said it was one of the sunniest days that year (i am going to dig the photos out and post them on here ASAP)

The other past life story i have is this ….

we were investigating a cemetery in london and i could see in the distance a tall statue peeping above the trees,i said i didnt want to go near it but the team i was with talked me into it,i was really not happy,when we got there i felt the woman did not want people gawping at her and i was actually sick in a bush,the poor woman had died in childbirth along with her baby boy.

as we stood there i wondered why the team were staring at me,they all said how much i looked like her ,in fact it was starting to freak them out (a photo was taken of me side to side with her that i need to find,we had exactly the same nose and i even had similar hair,that photo is right at the back of my photography cupboard somewhere and i will post it as soon as i can)

we noticed how she had a Greek surname and her baby boy had the name Antony which is my sons middle name.It was the same week we saw the statue that we found that we would need IVF if we were to have any babies (my son is from a previous relationship) so does that mean my past life was not letting me have any children with a Greek man due to the sadness she felt over losing her son,her husband was obviously Greek going by her surname.

I thought no more about it until years later when i asked my gran if she belived in ghosts and she said “oh yes dear,i often see a nice lady holding a baby behind you” I cannot tell you how disturbing that was to hear,so if the lady was not a past life then she may be a spirit guide


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