TELEPATHY ? 19 feb 08

The strangest thing happened the other night and this could well be classed as dream telepathy …………

My husband was asleep and had been for about an hour and i was in bed writing,he started to make some strange noises in his sleep and sounded very very scared,i listened to him for a while and becase he got louder i woke him up to see what was wrong,he told me he had been having a nightmare and described it to me,he said he dreamt he was in a ground floor flat,when he went through the front door he could see a really long corridor with lots of doors leading off either side,at the bottom of the corridor was a kitchen and in the dream he knew there was something “bad” in there.

In the dream he was with one of our dogs and they were running for their lives from a huge ominous demonic shadow and when they escaped into the garden my husband was paralized and laying on his back

when he woke and was talking to me he felt paralized still.

I found this whole thing amazing because at the time of him having his dream i was writing a report about a haunted chapel i had been to earlier that day,in my report i was writing about a DOG and a demonic SHADOW !! (i had not told him any of this as he had gone straight to bed when he got home from work)

The flat he described was identical to the flat i lived in in London where i had the poltergeist experience,he did not know what that flat looked like as i did not know him then and he had not even seen photos of it because they are all packed away in the loft,he mentioned the kitchen as being a room with something bad in it and that is where i had first encountered the poltergeist

this is not the first time we have encountered dream telepathy….

a few months ago i was in bed getting annoyed with the vibrating feeling i get that is related to my illness and my husband woke saying he had had a dream that we were in a car and it was VIBRATING

once in our old house my son came into the bedroom and woke me up,asking why i had been screaming ,i had NOT been screaming out loud,my husband could verify that as he was awake next to me…however i HAD been screaming in my dream at the exact time my son heard it

has anyone else experienced anything like this ?

we are going to attempt some dream telepathy experiments soon , stay tuned


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