Subject: dream military -weapons carriers
Date: Thursday, 17 April 2008 11:13
From: “eevee” <eevee_born_to_foo@inbox.com>
To: readings.by.eevee@inbox.com

dream 17 april 08

this was UK i think,there was an area with houses and an aircraft carrier and missile carrier landed,there were military personnel every where,this could symbolise a bomb scare or a huge chemical spillage but whatever it was it seemed to be very dramatic and important,people were told to stay indoors


police have carried out a controlled explosion in Bristol after a man was arrested under the Terrorism Act in a “sensitive and covert” operation.

About 30 people were evacuated from neighbouring homes in Westbury-on-Trym as the blast took place at the 19-year-old suspect’s home.

Avon and Somerset assistant chief constable Jackie Roberts said the arrest was made “to prevent harm” and the materials have been sent off for analysis.

She said the suspect is being questioned at an undisclosed police station.

Shocked neighbours told how they woke up at around 2am this morning after hearing the blast – one said it was so loud it sounded like a plane crashing.

Sky News homes affairs correspondent Mark White said it is not yet known whether the suspect was working alone or with others.

He added: “We should get an indication later today of what materials there might have been at the house.

“There will be an immense public appetite for knowing what went on at that address.”

Ms Roberts said it was too early to say if any more arrests would be made.

She said the investigation also involved the Metropolitan Police and followed a “number of covert inquiries”.

She added: “This is likely to be a prolonged, complex and sensitive inquiry which may take some time.”

Police would not reveal what sort of materials were blown up.

The house, in Comb Paddock, a cul-de-sac on the border of the Southmead area of Bristol, is likely to be cordoned off for the remainder of the day.

Ms Roberts added: “We would like to reassure people that this arrest has been made to prevent harm.

“It is unlikely that those who have been evacuated will be able to return to their homes until much later today at the earliest.”

Residents told how they woke up to a “huge bang” in the early hours.

Margaret Ball, 66, said: “It was as though an aeroplane had landed in the back garden.

When I looked outside there was a huge commotion. The road was crammed full with police vans and cars. I didn’t see anyone being taken away.”

Mrs Ball, a retired banquet worker who was recently widowed, said she knew a Muslim man who lived on the far corner of the cul-de-sac.

“The explosion came from a house right at the end. I know the young Muslim who lives there. I saw him walking down the road last week in a linen cotton outfit with chiffon sides.

“He was thickly built and wore a flat hat. He also always carried a satchel with him. I often wondered if he was a student.

“I think he was the only Muslim man who lived there.”

The suspect can be held for up to 28 days under terror laws.


I dont know if this is more of a coincedence than a hit due to the fact that these evacuations are not totally unknown but i am suprised i had my dream the day before,it is not often i have a “premonition” that close to an event

bhaynes24053 wrote on Apr 19, ’08
Hummm…I got a funny feeling reading that article.

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