sometimes i have two premonitions in one night but it is rare !


4 feb 08 sent to *******,
someone aranian / arabian or similar who looked abit like saddam hussein,in a coffin in
the back of a taxi/car

a road all torn up like there had been an earthquake



Imad Mughniyeh, the military commander of Hizbullah and the alleged mastermind of the US embassy and marine barrack bombings in Lebanon in the 1980s, has been killed in Syria in a car bomb, the Lebanese militant group said today.

Hizbullah accused Israeli agents of the killing, a charge denied by Israel.

Mughniyeh, who is viewed by the Americans and Israelis as Hizbullah’s second in command, was allegedly behind the kidnapping of Terry Waite and John McCarthy in the 80s and was indicted in the US for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA airliner.

The Bush administration welcomed the news of his death.

“The world is a better place without this man in it. He was a coldblooded killer, a mass murderer and a terrorist responsible for countless innocent lives lost,” said a state department spokesman, Sean McCormack. “One way or another he was brought to justice.”

McCormack said he did not know who was responsible for the killing of Mughniyeh.

Thought to be aged 46 and in hiding for years, he was seen as a key military planner for the 34-day conflict in southern Lebanon in 2006.

Mughniyeh is understood to have been very close to the Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.



I am not sure if the earthquake part can be considered a premonition as the dream was so vague but i thought i should log it


KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — An earthquake in East Africa killed at least one person and injured 65 on Thursday, said local officials. The 5.4 magnitude quake is the third to hit the region this month.

Elam Karara, a disaster management official for the Rwandan government, said one elderly lady was killed when her house collapsed in western Rwanda. Sixteen school children were among the 21 injured.


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