i initially thought my dream about an earthquake (see )


 was to do with the one in the Congo and i did not note in my email that in my dream the road i saw ripped up was outside my house,i didnt think it would be related to the UK !!! however it seems my dream could have been hinting at the earthquake that happened this morning (we felt it and it was pretty scary) that will teach me to log even the smallest details that may not seem relevant at the time of my dreams 

British earthquake to cost £30 million

By Nick Britten

Last Updated: 3:16pm GMT 27/02/2008


Insurers are facing a £30 million payout after the earthquake that shook large parts of Britain in the early hours. The earthquake, which registered 5.2 on the Richter Scale, was the biggest for 24 years. One person was seriously hurt when a chimney crashed through his roof into his bedroom and emergency services said the injury toll could have been a lot higher had the earthquake hit during the day.

in south west Scotland.

Residents spoke of being woken by a roaring sound similar to train or low flying aeroplane while others thought a lorry had crashed into their house.

David Bates, 19, suffered serious injury when a chimney stack fell through his roof and onto him, pinning him onto his bed in Wombwell, South Yorks. However, there were no other reports of significant injury.

One fire officer attending a chimney collapse in Trinity St, a main road leading into Gainsborough, Lincs, said: “We’re lucky it happened in the middle of the night when everyone was in their houses and most people were in bed.


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