a couple of odd things 30 june 09

a couple of odd things

in our front garden we have a tree where birds love to sit,we feed them so i put out a makeshift bird bath for them in front of the front door (top photo…you can just see the porch roof of the front door on the right hand side of the photo) later that night i got a psychic magazine that had an article on feng shui,it said to never put water near your front door as it can attract beautiful women and therefore marital problems !!! i soon made my husband move the bird bath LOL

the next day i was in my friend michaels garden and among the tons of gravel in his driveway i was drawn to two stones with holes in them,i thought they were unusual so i put them in my pocket,a couple of days later i got another psychic magazine and it said that stones with holes in were thought in ancient times to be gateways to other worlds,so they are now going to be used as part of my psychic meditation

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jul 2, ’09
Cool, I never heard those sayings. Let me know if you get anything using the stones with holes in them.

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