example of dream analysis for client (ref v) 17 apr 09

Hi Eevee!First and foremost, I hope you and your family, especially your son is doing fine.

I wrote to you again because I saw that you were offering a free dream analysis. Just wanted to share what has been bugging since I dreamed of this a few days ago. The interpretation surely can wait.

My dream goes like this…

I was with a bunch of friends, visiting an old church building. I think it was European because it had long corridors, tall ceilings and large windows. I wandered off alone into a corridor and was looking outside a window when I saw a life-size statue of an angel. And then the angel came to life and whispered something to me. I don’t know why, but I was soo surprised and I got scared so I ran off and re-joined my friends.

We were still walking inside the church when I looked outside the window again and I saw the statue of an angel. And it came to life and came to me. I saw that the angel had blond hair and blue eyes. I cannot remember the angel’s exact words but it was something like: “you know who you are; that you’re like us/one of us…” I don’t really understand it, but what I was told felt familiar although strange.

I woke up shortly after the message. And I’m still wondering what it means since it’s my very first time to dream of an angel in this life. 🙂

Blessings to you.

we are well thanks
hope you are ok
thanks for sending me your interesting dream
this is what i get from it
CHURCH can represent your feelings of organised religion,are you thinking of changing religion maybe ? it also represents sanctuary do you need to take some time out to relax ? the image of a church can also link to your appreciation of beautiful objects

CORRIDOR passing into a new phase of your life ,or are you in an unsatisfactory situation that you dont know which decision to make ? it can also have sexual meaning ie represents the vagina !!! are you starting out on a new relationship ?

WINDOWS represent the way we look at the world and appreciate it,looking out of a window means you have an extrovert view of yourself and you tend to look more at external circumstances

ANGEL represent freedom or mother figure and of course religion

STATUE can represent the “cold ” side of ourselves or the fact you are loving someone who is not giving any response, if a statue comes to life in a dream it can mean that the relationship that seems to be cold CAN be rescued

HAIR AND EYES you noticed the hair in your dream this represents strangth and virility (as in the story samson and delilah) you may need strength to get through something such as a change in your life,eyes can represent either observation and discrimination but it can also mean enlightenment and wisdom

soooo all in all i think your dream means there are going to be some changes in  your life i also see that it means that you may be being spiritually “awoken”
what the angel said to you can either mean that you are being urged to be a spiritualist or you are being pointed in the direction of a caring type job such as a nurse,afterall in UK we call nurses “angels” and that may be why you saw the location as being in Europe !
the fact  your friends were in the dream can mean you need support while you go through your changes (whatever they may be) but the fact you split away from them also shows you can do whatever it is alone
the fact you were scared in your dream would be normal to anyone going through either spiritual or other changes in their life

this is what i make of your dream but its up to you to decide EXACTLY what it means,hope it helps


HI Eevee! Wow, that was fast. Thank you very, very much. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

Sure, you have my permission to post it in your blog. 😉

The interpretation has been both full of meaning and insight for me as I believe it is indeed time for my spiritual awakening. I remember your reading for me last year wherein I will be more spiritual this year.

Church – not really to change my religion. But I’ve been distancing myself from organised religion and questioning a lots of its beliefs. I’m a non-practicing Catholic. When I told my older brother about my dream, he cut me off before I could even finish and told me I should start going to Church every Sunday! My grandmother  said the same thing. How disappointing since I think it must mean something else.

I’ve always had that feeling of going to a sanctuary, escape from everything for once and just relax, think. I also would love to visit churches and marvel at the architecture.

Corridor – Well, yes, I’ve been confused lately. The new phase could point to my awakening spirituality. And there’s a new “relationship” which is both a source of happiness and confusion.

Windows – I get the feeling I should probably look inward or be more introspective of myself, something like that.

Angel – Well, angels are also messengers right? 🙂

Statue – I hope whichever relationship is that can be rescued, if it needs rescuing in the first place. I’m like a statue since I got out of a relationship last year, wondering if I’ll ever quit being cold. There is a new guy in my life, and he is far away. I just cannot help doubting if he really is sincere and truthful towards me.

Hair and eyes – I hope I need the strength, enlightenment and wisdom I need as I go through all this. 😉 It’s kinda’ scary, and confusing. Do you think it’s possible that the angel could be a spirit guide of mine?

Yes, indeed, there’s going to be a lot of major changes in my life. I also think it’s pointing more to my being spiritual. By the way, I am nurse so maybe that also has something to do with my dream. 🙂

My friends don’t really know about this “part” of me. Once I was reading a book on Spirtuality and one of my friends joked about why would I be reading such a kind of book. And I felt sooo insulted and mocked. After that, I told myself to just keep things like this to myself. My friends and even my family just don’t understand. I’m better off this path on my own; but I’m glad I meet some people who help me in this “journey.”

Thanks again! Blessings to you

i forgot about you being a nurse,i do so many readings i forget things about people
you are welcome,i will help you anytime i can

im so glad that the dream analysis did have meaning to you

angels are not spirit guides  but you can have a guardian angel which is a different thing,angels are there
when you need help and guidance ,spirit guides are only around if you chose to work on psychic ability,if that makes sense
it could be that your spirit guide is showing themself as an angel but i doubt it,yes angels are messengers,and the one in your dream was certainly giving you a message

now you have told me more about your friends/ relatives attitude to spiritual things it makes more sense to me,that is probably why the church was there,its like its saying on one hand that you are being encouraged to follow conventional religion but the rest of the dream shows that you are more interested in spirituality right now

what might be helpful to you is to buy a set of angel cards,they are in no way occult,they are just cards that give you insight into your life,you can usually get them with a guide book from a “new age” shop or on the internet
some people find that working with angels is a great help,its not something that i have really gotten into myself as i am in no way religious and feel it would be hypocritical of me,but i do know other people who have found angels a great help
you could research jackie newcomb she is well known in UK for her angel expertise
it does sound like you are being pointed in the direction of angels
let me know how you get on

thanks for permission to post ,it will be my first dream analysis for someone that i have posted,so thank you,it all helps me to get more work

as you have no one around you to discuss these things with,feel free to email me anytime with questions,we all need a little help along the spiritual path,its not easy on your own

if you want a dream analysis email your dream in as much detail as you can to
psychiceevee @ gmail.com

reddylaugh wrote on Apr 18, ’09
I hope I remember to put a pad and a pencil by the bed tonight! Oooh, the pressure to come up with a fabulous dream! (jk – I know any old dream will do……..)
It would be kind of cool if you posted another dream of yours. I am wondering if you are working out your feelings about your father letting you down in your dreams.
Love ya and thinking of you often! ~marilyn~

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