how is this for weird, my long lost Dad is also a psychic 13 may 09

to cut a really long story short,i didnt know who my father was all my life until 1999 when i met him briefly,i did not see him again until this year and we are now trying to build our relationship,its no suprise to find that he is psychic too and has had many of the same experiences that i have,recently he has been on a few paranormal investigations with my team…anyway we discovered that we had all the same interests,not just the paranormal but also photography,poetry,writing and art,

at the weekend he said he wanted to show me some of his artwork,it was stored in his brick shed in the garden,thats strange i said,i store mine in our brick shed too,thats not too much of a coincedence until you get to this bit….

the artwork he showed me was the one in the photo above,he said i could have it
straight away i was kind of freaked out because if you have read my blog on my past life you will know that i was on the R101 airship,this artwork was made at my dads house in Bedfordshire,not far from where the R101 was housed

as soon as i saw this art i didnt see windmills,i saw propellors (like on the airship) and the wavy patterns below the windmills looked like flames to me (most of the R101 victims died when it burst into flames on crashing)
the art work is in 1920’s -1930’s style….the period of the R101 and also the period of our house
my dad said it was not his usual kind of art at all and he felt that it was psychic art
its not the usual kind of art i like either but i couldnt take my eyes off it

more strange coincedences in regard to this….
he was making this at the exact same time we moved to our area,we have huge wind turbines here and when my son saw the art work he said how appropriate it was ,how it symbolised where we live !!
(my dad did not know we had even moved from where we were living when we last saw him)
at around the exact same time he was making this i discovered my R101 past life and was actually investigating the area,not knowing my dad lived there

even stranger,the spirit in our house used to make windmills when he was alive,i thought it was an odd coincedence that someone had given us a wooden windmill as a moving in present…but now this art work,i just hope the spirit we have doesnt think we are trying to be funny ! i have had the artwork in my house for four days and as increase in paranormal activity so i am hoping he likes it

wonder what the odds of all these coincedences relating to one piece of art could be ???

reddylaugh wrote on May 13, ’09
Besides all those cool coincidences, it’s a absolutely stunning piece of art! Is it stained glass?

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 13, ’09

Besides all those cool coincidences, it’s a absolutely stunning piece of art! Is it stained glass?

thanks for the compliments i will pass them on to my dad
no its not stained glass its paper and silver tin foil…looks pretty cool though

bhaynes24053 wrote on May 14, ’09
Looks like your dad is very talented.

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 28, ’09

Looks like your dad is very talented.

yeah he is,this isnt his best work though

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