in previous blogs i have already mentioned indigo children
my son is one , i now want to discuss crystal kids, this may all seem far out ! but simply put it means child with psychic ability and i have met one recently that i look forward to watching grow,she is my baby sister
to cut along story short,as you know,i didnt know my real dad (also a psychic) until i was 27 then had a break for 10 years and have recently got back in touch,i discovered that in the gap i didnt see him he had three more daughters !
to save confusion i will list the kids in the family
me age 38 (mother F ..father K)
luke age 25 ,who i grew up with and until i was 27 thought was my only sibling (mother F..father G)
then the others that i found out about
Kelvin age 34 (a well known astro physisist) (mother SU …father K)
Kevin age 21 (mother R..father K)
Sean age 16 (mother R ..father K)
aisling age 8 (mother SO…father K)
siobhan age 7 (mother SO..father K)
caitlin age 5 (mother SO..father K)
confused ?…i am  !!!
anyway,i have already discussed how my son is an indigo
the previous generation of psychics are called lightworkers and i am one of those,they were born after ww2 and up to the 80’s
you then have Indigos who were born from 80’s to 2000’s
the latest generation are Crystals who were born from the 2000’s onwards
of all my brothers and sisters,they all seem to have ability although some like Luke are sceptical,my brother Kevin is clearly a sensitive but unfortunately if not careful could attract negative entities
i was very shocked when i met aisling (in the photo) the first time i met the three younger girls they had not been told who i was,the other two just ran around ignoring me but aisling sat in a chair just staring and smiling ,like she KNEW,at this point they hadnt even been told they had a big sister
as time went on i met her a few more times (its only in the last 6 months i have got to know them) i noticed some very spooky similarities,i will list just a few
* i turned up with a bag i hardly ever use,it has a picture of a guitar pic on it and the word rock..the same day my sister had the exact same picture on her jeans
* i bought all 3 girls colouring books and aisling picked the cat one,the first cat she coloured in was ginger,all my cats are ginger
*aisling walked in the room eating raw mushrooms,i have never known a child to eat cooked mushrooms let alone raw…raw mushrooms are one of my favourite things
* aisling flares her nostrils in time to music,that has been one of my party tricks since i was a child
*of the 3 girls,she is the one who looks like me,the other two have ginger hair,hers is the same colour mine was when i was young
(remember we dont have the same mother)
*i turned up one day with a fairy necklace on,aisling had one on too
*she was wearing a t shirt with a slogan on it that is something i say alot “im not bossy,i just have better ideas”
*she is described as the “hippy” much like me..she is nothing like the other two girls who are both tomboys and very rowdy
*she gave my dad an ornament with a shooting star on it,i collect star ornaments,she has never seen my house
*when she is cross with her sisters,she says “move your fat A**E” i say that alot to my husband when im messing around,she has never heard me say that though
*of all the little ones,she is the peacekeeper and the one who goes into sensitive moods,like i used to
*she stares off into space like she is processing information,i am often being told i do that
*out of the whole family it is only myself and aisling who can roll our tongues and stand backwards on our toes
* i had long hair for ages,so did aisling,when i arrived one day i found we both had our hair cut into the same style (see pic)
there is so much more i could list
you are probably thinking….so what ? you are sisters but remember its only six months we have known each other,i only see her every few weeks for about an hour if she is at our dads when i go to visit,we do not talk on the phone ,or the computer
i believe that we have a psychic link,that was shown the day i first saw her and she didnt know who i was,the link between us was electric,when she left to go to her mothers,she turned to look at me with a knowing smile as if to say,its ok,i know who you are
i believe that she is going to grow into a really good psychic and i shall be watching her and willing to teach her as and when she is older 
maybe its genes but of all my brothers and sisters she is the only one who is so like me,you would think she was my child
to see more info about indigo children and the checklist as to if your child is one (the same checklist applies to crystals) see the indigo kids section about my son


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