an internet friend in Australia who i did a location reading for of her old house has just moved and sent me three photos of one room to read of her new housethis is what i picked up onwell theres nothing  bad im getting off these

i think what  im getting is from previous tenants rather than spirits
(but im not sure)
i see four or five children,mainly boys running noisily through
that door way and into the other door /room..they are playing,i think
because of this the house can feel really ” busy” during the day but in the
eveings it will be nice and relaxing !!

the names Bryan or Ryan , matt, keith and i dont know the others
someone got their head shut in that window but they were ok,i see a
little girl with dark hair who was the one who that happened to

i do feel that there was also a problem with the father of the house and
he had to leave,things were happier after that

i dont sense tom from these photos

there was a child in the house who had lots of hospital visits for something
to do with their lungs,maybe  severe asthma

helen ? could be the mother

a surname like Mc mullen/mallen

i think you may hear creaking outside the doorway but it will just be
a residual playback of the living people im picking up on who used to live
there so its nothing to worry about…i feel they spent alot of time around this

sophia / sophie

if you can email me some more pics or put them in an online album and give me the link or
something that will be cool

oh watch your front door…i think it tends to open on its own,a faulty hinge or could be from
the wind !!! something you may need to fix

there is a neighbour (or pretty near by) who is an old man who may need looking out for as he has no relatives
he loves plum pie or something like that and he has a blue pedal bike that he hasnt used
for years,he often has his wrist bandaged up

he used to be a postman  or worked in some kind of factory that made paper or envelopes
at first he will seem un friendly but he will open up and find you trustworthy
i dont think he was ever married and he will take a shine to one of your cats,you may even find that
he will look after them for you when you go away anywhere

i think you will be very happy in this home it may be more expensive to live in than your last home but it will
be worth it

j is going to make a really good friend called emily or amy

im seeing blue lines !!!! and hearing ” 2 MONTHS” is there something you want to share my dear ? or it could be your sister / a close friend….baby boy clothes and the name Samuel…ignore all this bit if im wrong,i do have a reading to do after yours that this info could belong to..hope this part aint freaked you out !


firstly, front door. spot on!
as for the children, mainly boys; the previous tennants were boys, 3 of them but at one stage 4! none of the names are ringing a bell but i have no history of the house other than who the landlords are & who the previous tennants were.
i think you could be on to something with that room being busy, that room is the baby’s room & she just will not sleep in there for any longer than 40 minutes so perhaps she is being woken by noisy children runnung around hahaha
speaking of running around, J has been running down the hallway (which that room is off) & gets annoyed with herself because she knows she isnt allowed to & doesnt understand why she is running! I have noticed myself NEEDING to do things through the day, be it washing or sorting I just want to keep busy but at night, yes, very relaxed & such a quiet home.
I do occasionally hear creaking (like the floor boards) in the hallway.
Ok, the neighbour, yes, old man, used to ride an old bicycle around (my dad used to live in a house accross the road) but i havent seen him ride for a few years (the house is close to the old one) and I do recall seeing him with a bandage around his wrist! he doesnt have any family here in australia & is hard to get away from once he starts talking & he will talk to anyone hehe I am unsure of his trade or previous emplyments.
the blue lines……no no no no no no NOT me hahahahaha i do have a friend who just had a bubba boy & another who had her 20 week scan today for her bubba in utero but other than that, nobody i know is pregnant…yet lol but if it happens I will be letting you know!
The reason I sent only pics of that one room is because the cats go all funny in there, especially around the fireplace…might be a rodent problem as opposed to spirits lol i will upload the pics tonight on fb & will send you a link :o)
Thanks so much for doing that for me, I must admit i was a little worried about that room because of the cats reactions & because baby wouldnt sleep but am at ease now knowing it could very well be noisy busy children hehehehe

reddylaugh wrote on Jul 3, ’09
Hmmmm – sounds like you’ve hit a quite a few points Eevee! Good for you! Your talents astound me……..xoxoxoxo

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jul 13, ’09

Hmmmm – sounds like you’ve hit a quite a few points Eevee! Good for you! Your talents astound me……..xoxoxoxo

its quite good yes,considering i only had photos of one room and they didnt show the whole of the room

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