to cut a very long story short,when i was about ten i started my first paranormal group after seeing the spirit of a previous head mistress at school ,when setting up my junior group i did some research in the school library and picked up a book on the paranormal,i read about the most famous poltergeist case in the UK (the Enfield poltergeist) and read about the investigator,Maurice Grosse,although i was only a child i declared that i was going to meet him one day and be just like him……..

fast forward about 20 years and i ended up with my own poltergeist,strangely enough we were also living in Enfield !!! i contacted Maurice and he came out with a BBC camera and filmed my story ,he had said he would know if i was making it up just by talking to me on the phone and if he suspected it was a hoax he wouldnt come out,he talked to me and arranged a meet.we backed out of being on the BBC in the end due to my son and my friends son (she was also involved in the haunting) being so young we didnt think that the publicity would be a good idea,Maurice however kept the footage and stayed in touch.
Maurice had told me  that this poltergeist was happening for a reason and that i needed to LEARN about it ,he also encouraged me to write a book.

another ten years later and i phoned him saying “you will never guess what im doing ? running a paranormal group” he wasnt suprised and agreed to be our patron,on condition that we changed our logo because at the time it wasnt very professional looking and understandably that would have reflected badly on him,i changed the design and just as i was about to contact him i read that he had passed on…i was sad about this because the way i look at it he is the one who made me confront my fear and learn,i wouldnt be where i am now without him.

anyway,last night i dreamt i was at a second hand book stall and looking in the paranormal section,there was a book that jumped out at me in the dream and it was a book about Maurice,it had his face on the cover ,smiling,as far as i know there are not any books specifically about him ,there is the book “this house is haunted” about the Enfield case that he is holding in the picture above , but as far as i know that is all.
talking of that book,i was desperate to read it way back when i had my poltergeist, but was told it was out of print,however one day i went into a book shop in Enfield and  my eye was drawn to a very top shelf and there was the book,it was also a first edition so i paid quite a bit for it,he signed my copy and it is one of my treasured possessions,i must have read that book hundreds of times !!
some how my paranormal group ended up with quite a few poltergeist cases,alot of groups i know that have been going for years have never had one,so was Maurice making sure that i “specialised” in that kind of haunting ?

sorry,im waffling on …back to the dream……

im wondering if it is a message from Maurice saying i am doing well with the paranormal work ?
also in the dream i bought a book called the “monks of mendham” i remember in my dream thinking that it wasnt spelt right,in my dream i knew it meant MONKS OF MEDMENHAM who were linked to the “hell fire club” my group has investigated a location with links to Earl Sandwich supposedly of the hell fire club
and i have currently been involved in exposing an apparant ” occult ” group which has been worrying me,i think this dream symbolised that i should carry on with the occult research
i am really AGAINST people dabbling with the occult and it seems this may be another branch of the paranormal that i need to specialise in

my dream may have been nothing but i like to think that it was Maurice popping in to say hello

read about the hellfire club

read about the Enfield poltergeist

Maurice was a very misunderstood researcher and in my opinion a very good one,very down to earth and very blunt with his opinions,he rates alongside Harry Price who investigated the Borley Rectory haunting as one of my paranormal heroes

another strange coincidence is that i didnt know but i had been living a few streets away from Maurice in my teenage years


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