Jun 30, ’09 2:04 PM
for everyone

i dont agree with making money as such from my readings but sometimes i am repaid by finding money just when i need it
(Taken from my private blog)Tonite we went shoppin at Tescos and i saw some garden lites i wanted but didnt have a spare tenner..i wish i had a spare tenner i thought, then as i walked past the self service checkout i saw a tenner sticking out !! So i took it and got my lites LOL..a few years back at the very same Tescos me and my hubby had a massive fight cos we went 40 quid over the food budget which left us with no almost ended up in a punchup til i walked past the bank machine and saw EXACTLY 40 quid sticking out !! Another time we needed to visit my gran who lived an 80 mile train ride away.. we had no money but i told beardie to check his bank and there was a mystery payment that was the EXACT amount for the train fare ! We to this day dont know where it came from..well i hope you all have a great weekend xxi have also blogged something similar to this about my husbands nanny helping us to buy a bed from beyond the grave !!

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jul 2, ’09
Odd things like that happen to us all the time. Someone is def watching out for you!

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