i seem to have stopped havin premonitions after going through a crazy phase of having at least one a week,i totally forgot to blog this one way back in 2009 – Last Updated: Sunday, May 10, 2009, 10:50

36 die in Philippines mudslide

The death toll from floods and mudslides triggered by a typhoon in the northern Philippines has more than doubled to 36, with 12 people still missing, the government said today.

Typhoon Chan-Hom, the fifth to hit the country this year, slammed into the northern Philippines on Friday and destroyed roads and bridges, tore up power lines, and damaged rice growing areas on the main Luzon island. 

It was earlier estimated that 15 people were killed.

However the national disaster coordinating council (NDCC) said at least 36 people were killed in landslides, house collapses and drownings caused by the storm. Twelve people were missing, mostly at sea, it said.

More than 30,000 families were displaced by the typhoon and are currently staying with friends, relatives or in evacuation centres, the NDCC said.

Damage to infrastructure and crops has totaled 411.2 million pesos ($9 million) so far, the NDCC said.

About 20 typhoons batter the Philippines every year, triggering flooding and mass evacuations.


my dream

Re: dream 21 march 09 huge mudslide


> a huge mudslide,couldnt see which country but an asian woman and english> man>
 were swept away
eevee vachos <> wrote:

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