painting copyright CBa friend asked me to read her past life from a painting she had done,she had a feeling the woman was her past life so i studied the painting before i went to bed and when i woke up at my “psychic info time” 3am this is the info i got
her name is Assamrah
she was 45 when she died and she died of an infected tooth (do you often get tooth problems ?)
it was an upper left tooth (molar)

her husband was called Ymentoth and he died when he was walking across the market square
and an arrow went through his head,this was children messing around and it was an accident
he was an embalmer

Assamrah used to look after the children in the royal court

well thats it for now,i am going to do your personal reading later

if they are not egyptian then they are from somewhere like somalia

friends reply
oh wow.. funny you mention the teeth, i have perfectly straight teeth and there in pretty good shape, however i always have a problem with my left lower tooth.. ive had to have a few teeth removed to. including wisdoms…. but i have the constant tooth dream.. maybe thats connected to….

well its nice to put a name to her, maybe my other guide in the other pic is the egyptian lady, i get them all mixed up, i think i have a few!
that is incredible you can do that! i can never pick up on it when i ask to,, they only come when im not expecting them , but in reality  when i need them..
her name has me amazed to girl, i used to always call her ash.. i didnt know wy.. i just thought it suited her.. and theres no way id know how to pronounce her real name, hehehehehehehe!
thanks again sweety, cant wait to hear the personal one..
if theres anything i can do to repay you, please dont hesitate to ask!

my reply
do you know what i think it s the same lady you painted in both pics
ASH  wow yes i would say thats how its pronounced ASHamrah ….spooky !!

friends reply

omg!! i just had another thought.. From the day i had teeth, everyone commented on how perfect my teeth are and it used to drive me crazy.. so i started responding with,,,, when i die.. ill only be known for my teeth, and my head stone will read, the chick with the good teeth…  but the when i die i will be known for my teeth, is sorta a trippy thing considering!
yes please do post it and the pics, thats fine.. i think they might be the same lady to, except one is a water godess , the other is in the moon… wich is weird as my real name means moon goddess… wow your good girl.

thanks to my friend for letting me post this

reddylaugh wrote on Jan 5, ’09
All I can say is, WOW!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 5, ’09

All I can say is, WOW!

thanks : )

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