i did a one to one psychometry (using personal possessions held in my hand) reading for a facebook friend,its the first time i met her in person,the items i used to read from were some rings,a metal teddy bear ornament, a glass ornament of a heart and a photo of the clients mother

with the teddy bear ornament i picked up that it was from your bedroom (you said yes)

i got the name val or violet (you said violet possibly)

i felt the name was linked more to your house than you

i asked if the bear was a mothers day present (you said no)

i said that i felt someone wants to move your bed but cant be bothered (you said ron probably would)

when i held the rings i got a sister energy (you said no)

i picked up on a little girl in spirit (you said you lost a baby and you always felt it was a girl)

i said she would be aged about 7 (you said yes)

i felt she would have had a lazy eye and that it runs in the family (you said that when you have photos
done you appear to have a slight lazy eye)

i got the name Holly and felt you may have named her that (you said possibly)

either that or she would have been born around xmas (you said she would have been due around april
is it possible you lost her around xmas then ? i dont know how far pregnant you were)

a man in motorbike leathers with dark hair but i saw a trike rather than motorbike (you said you once went
out with a biker,i wonder if ron knew anyone of that description ?)

i felt there was something to do with the olympics around your older son (you said he likes to watch it)
i feel it is more than that though,when hes older he may become a good runner !!)

i saw two old men that were brothers / cousins who passed within the same year ,they looked victorian
(they could be ancestors of yours because i see them with the little girl)

the name ted / edward (you didnt know)

arthur (you said this was the name of an old neighbour of yours)

i felt you would have trouble getting pregnant again (you told me ron had the “op” therefore it would be
possible to have it reversed but difficult)

someone in the family in the past had something to do with the dr barnardos charity someone may have
been in one of his childrens homes (you said you didnt know)

i felt your house had a “flat” atmosphere (you said you have only been there 2 years so yes it may not feel too homely as you havent been there long)

someone feels closed in and doesnt like houses being all around (you said ron feels that)

i asked did you meet the blonde woman yet (you said no)

i asked if the little one watches things that are not there ,when i look at his photos he has “old ” eyes and
i feel he could be psychic (you said you hadnt noticed)

your cards…you MUST do something with them and i see something hapening within 18-24 months
take them to galleries / gift shops !!

make a portfolio of ten different ones

does someone have one kidney or a kidney problem (you said not that you are aware of,in that case then i think someone
may have a problem with one kidney in the future)

i said i felt that you had recently thought of doing some college work / training (you said yes,you said
ron has just started some)

i asked if it was a home study course (you said yes)

i said that i thought he would make a good driving instructor because i kept seeing that advert(you said
someone else suggested that too)

you said ron wouldnt have the patience but i disagree,i think he would only lack patience when teaching
someone he knows

i asked if someone had fallen out badly with a relative and someone feels betrayed (you said yes,rons sister and nephew)
i felt it had been going on a couple of years,(you said yes its been brewing up for a few years but came to a head recently)

she is scared of something,i dont know what but i did feel she was with someone who wasnt very nice (you said she
had been in the past) i feel she may be scared of some secret coming out ?

i didnt feel it would ever get sorted (you said ron is not interested in sorting it)
i felt that you should get on with your lives and not bother,it is their loss !

i kept getting drawn back to your house,i felt that the atmosphere or lack of was due to previous tenants (you told
me about a violent crime that happened there)

no one who has lived there has ever felt settled

i felt drawn to a house in one of rons facebook photos (the middle house) watch out for a trouble maker there

i felt that ron is very insecure (you said you both are)

i said someone was scared that the other would run off (you said you had been feeling like that)

hang on to ron !! hes worth keeping and you are a great couple

i sensed you and ron had been through similar family problems that i have been through but i felt that you
would stay together and not let anyone come between you

when faced with the choice of family or you…ron will chose you,no hesitation

i saw a border collie (you didnt know one) i felt you may find one in the street,or be offered one ?

i kept going back to your cards…you must do something,i said try the ceramic shop in goddy (you said ron suggested that the other day) its weird how i want to make photography cards and that my son may move in
above that shop,i think we may have met for a reason ,to be creative together and for me to help you make
a website !!

i felt someone had a problem with their hips (you said you  had a problem with one at the moment)

the name Lil / Lillian (not known to you)

the little girl is around you all the time and she visits her brother

i asked if they were your mothers rings (you said yes)

i asked if she had passed over (you said yes)

i felt she died when you were young (you said you were 18)

i didnt think she was talkative (you disagreed but what i may be getting is that she wouldnt talk to me yet ? )

i didnt think she would believe in readings (you said you were not sure)

i asked if her passing was to do with her head (you said no)

sue / susan (not known to you)

a rocking horse ornament (you said you think your stepmum has one)

i felt that you got on with your step mum,which is unusual (you said you did)

i felt that you were not happy your older son saw his dad (you agreed)

i said your son would see for himself what his dad was like (you said yes,he is already seeing it)

i felt your son was strong willed (you said your younger one was more so)

i felt your sons dad had gone on to have kids with someone else (you said yes)

i felt he didnt live in the area (you said he lives in essex)

i thought there may have been a  suicide or attempted suicide (you werent sure)

i saw big old london buses (you said it didnt mean anything to you,but when i came in from your reading i found
that ron knew london well)

i picked up on traction engines (you said ron was going to take your son to see some and that someone locally
to you has one)

on looking at  it now ,it doesnt seem as bad as i thought !! i think cos the info was coming in slow thats why
i thought it wasnt very good,show it to ron and see if any of it means anything to him and if you find out
later that any of it does mean something ,let me know,thanks for letting me practice


Ron said he used to ride to school on those big london type buses as a child , also on teh kidney thing my dad has diabetes and last yr they thought his kidneys were slowly fading and he would end up on dialysis but so far so good on that one so poss a future thing there
Cant think of anything else so far but will let you know if anything else pops up


haha thought id say hi , i had a lovely morning and hopefully have made two great new real life friends in eevee and beardie,haha if they can cope with rons waffling
thatwilliamsboy you should look into it if you really want one ,i have a strange sense of contentment since eevee did the reading for me two of the 3 things that have always been something that have troubled me have been answered :o)


sometimes clients find out later that more of the info i have given them fits

Lindy got back to me two days later with this

aparantly my second cousin has done our family tree so im gonna write to her about the victorian men my dad thinks we had an edward and ted ,also on the violet bit that was my nans name and it was also the name i really wanted to call our babys should we have had a girl (ron hated it though but i was secretly hoping he would let me ) it is amazing what comes to you afterwards when you think about it all and read over it ,haha and we saw a trike motorbike today
lindy found out that both hers and rons birth flower /plant is HOLLY
they report seeing lots of trikes since my reading

reddylaugh wrote on Sep 26, ’09
Wow! That’s so very nice, Eevee! I’m sure Linda appreciates your reading very much, as would I……….

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 26, ’09

Wow! That’s so very nice, Eevee! I’m sure Linda appreciates your reading very much, as would I……….

xxxx thanks marilyn you have been here for me in the last year keeping an interest in my development,it means alot xxxx

empressselena wrote on Sep 27, ’09

i asked if the little one watches things that are not there ,when i look at his photos he has “old ” eyes and

What? What does this mean? When I was a baby I played with things that were not there. My Mother took me to the doctor because of it. He told her I was fine just a vivid imagination. Maybe I will PM you later about that whole story…

empressselena wrote on Sep 27, ’09
O I love the name Violet! That is a sweet name!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 27, ’09

What? What does this mean? When I was a baby I played with things that were not there. My Mother took me to the doctor because of it. He told her I was fine just a vivid imagination. Maybe I will PM you later about that whole story…

oooh i want to know more,yes pm me xx

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