wonder if this dream is to do with compensation for my son being stabbed ? mar 28 09

in the early hours of the 21 march i had this dream …..

date 21 March 2009 16:07
subject Dream 21 mar 09 lott win
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hide details 21 Mar (7 days ago)

Dreamt that we won 23 thousand on the lottery ? this morn wen d went
to get ticket it wouldnt go thru the machine the shopkeeper joked it
must b a lucky ticket !!

it was that night that my son got stabbed…im wondering if this actually symbolises the criminal injuries compensation that he will get ?? interesting,i will hold on to this and see what happens

date 20 January 2009 15:24
subject dream 20 jan 09 nate river(changes) gran worried i was ill – famous relative-pregnant-another derelict council
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hide details 20 Jan

nathan jumped in a river in front of me,i was worried but he was fine (symbolise him diving in to big changes ?)

another dream that may fit is this one about my son jumping in a river,the dream doesnt have to mean it was actually a river,it could symbolise him “jumping in” to save his friends,which is what he did when he was stabbed

i wish i had logged it now but a few hours before he went out i really felt something was going to happen to him,he asked me to cut down some jeans for him into shorts and as i was cutting with the scissors i felt really uneasy….little did i know that later that night i would see him in hospital with a huge “cut” on his head,i now wish i had taken notice of the feelings i had and tried to stop him going out !!!


reddylaugh wrote on Mar 29, ’09
Try not to feel responsible in any way for what happened. I doubt very highly that you could have stopped him from going out that night. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Breathe…….deep breath in the nose, slowly exhale out your mouth. Again. Again. Again. There – don’t you feel better now?
Take care. Love ya! Me

bhaynes24053 wrote on Mar 29, ’09
I second reddylaugh, you know as well as I do that you can’t be with him every moment. There was no way you could have stopped what was going to happen. Stop beating yourself up Emma. Hugggzzzzzzzzz

readingsbyeevee wrote on Apr 8, ’09
you are both totally right !!!! if i stopped him going out every time i had a feeling he would never be allowed anywhere ; )

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