its not often i get proper spirit visits but one night i woke up to go to the toilet,got back into bed and wasnt even asleep because i read for a bit,i had just turned the light out and something was leaning against my back,i thought it was one of the cats but in the half light i could see an actual childs hand resting on my shoulder !! the hand then proceeded to touch the top of my head and for some reason it really freaked me out because the hand was ice cold, i grabbed at its fingers and tried to break them !!!

i do not know who this was,i didnt hang around in my bedroom long enough to find out
because i felt that it could be an adult spirit with negative intentions pretending to be a child,that can be common,as a way in for them
i certainly know it was not our daughter or the little girl who was murdered at the local air field and who sometimes visits

trickster2 wrote on Jan 31, ’10
Mrs T used to get them , she called him ‘harry ‘ , why I don’t know .He used to put his hand on her shoulder , or move things about . When we moved in together , he gave her a rub on the back and was gone . But she used to have this happen a ot . She would see a childs face in a glass door , or feel somebody touching her back or neck . Hasn’t happened for a while though .

trickster2 wrote on Jan 31, ’10
Had a word with Mrs T , she seems to think its a warning of some kind .Whatever you have planned , take another look , or make sure your health gets seen to quick .But whatever it is , you’ll see the signs.

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