i think , in fact i am certain ,that i have discovered my latest guide
i believe that some guides chose people to guide because of similarities between them
i have mentioned in my past lives section that i have very good evidence that a past life of mine was on the R101 airship,when researching the R101 i read about the famous Eileen Garrett seance,where she contacted the victims,on seeing her photo i thought “i wonder if thats the lady i saw in the mirror a few times” i also have dreams logged where someone kept saying “i am Eileen” it didnt mean anything at the time
I have been amazed at the similarities between us and could easily see why she would chose someone like me to guide,let us look into it further…….
*born in Dublin (so were my family)
* initials originally were E J V  (same as my initials)
* her surname was originally VACHON , has also been listed as VACHO …my surname is VACHOS !!! both are pretty rare names
*her mother committed suicide by drowning (I once almost drowned and im scared witless of water)
*she worked with famous ghost hunter Harry Price (he is one of my heroes)
*she often doubted her abilities and put them down to her subconcious mind (i often think that)
*she was a pioneer female investigator and medium who at the start recieved alot of complaints that a woman shouldnt be doing that job ( i often get that in my paranormal work)
*she was not afraid of the occult and stated that Alesteir Crowley the famous occultist was not doing anything that she hadnt seen in Haiti voodoo,she was unimpressed by him and not frightened of him (it is my aim to be an occult religion buster and i am currently working on exposing some occult activity)
*she became great friends with author DH Lawrence,(i had all his books at one point which was unusual as i am not into fiction at all)
* her daughter took after her and carried on her work (my son follows in my footsteps)
*she ran a hostel for injured soldiers (one of my guides is an injured soldier)
*she was devoted to study and research ( people often give me that compliment)
*she would have strange experiences while in hospital (just like i do,see o.o.b.e section and oriental links section)
*she worked on many poltergeist cases which was almost unheard of a woman doing then ( i have worked on many poltergeist cases that male members of other paranormal teams have been unwilling to take on)
*she helped found the parapsychology foundation ( it was me who founded our paranormal group and i have had links to founders of well known paranormal study groups in fact it is one of them who was a very famous poltergeist expert that came to investigate my poltergeist and told me i MUST LEARN and become and investigator myself)
*she spent alot of time in U.S working with paranormal investigators (i advise quite a few U.S paranormal groups)
i will add more as i find it,maybe she is not my guide,but its highly likely and in fact a psychic art portrait that i picked up in a second hand shop looks very much like her !
even if she isnt my guide she has inspired me at times when i have wanted to give up my paranormal or psychic work and that has to be worth something !!





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