my oriental link, my strange tree 20 jan 10

when we originally viewed this house we were not going to take it because we felt too far out of town,but i was drawn to this tree in the front garden,the tree made me feel happy and it sort of was one of the deciding factors,apart from the fact the front door was wide open,on a friday evening ensuring we went inside the house to view it !!
anyway,our old neighbour mentioned that the tree was rare,we didnt think much more of it until we had been here 3 years and i decided to find out what it was
it turns out that it is a gingko biloba which is a rare oriental tree hardly ever found in the UK (although getting quite common in the U.S) i researched it and could not believe what i was reading…
the tree helps with TWO of the illnesses that i have (which going by my study are linked to psychic people) the tinnitus / hum   and vertigo
i have been suffering with those for years and the vertigo at worst made me bed bound and the hum at worse had me crawling the walls in despair,many drugs had been tried on me to no avail and a white noise generator worn in my ear only masked the hum,i was still being disturbed by it
after researching,i hot footed it to a health store and bought some gingko pills,it was worth a try…touch wood,after being on them for only three months there is a HUGE improvement,i no longer get vertigo and the hum only comes about once a month instead of every day !!!
maybe its a placebo effect and i WANT it to work but i wanted the other things to work and they didnt,whatever is going on i find it very very strange that we should move to a house with the answer to my problems right outside my door
i gave thanks to that tree every day and i will never ever let anything happen to it,in fact i have had a preservation order put on it
in thanks (yes i know i sound mad) i have put a buddha head  by it and two large rocks,since the gingko originally grew in rocky areas,since i left the gifts for it,it has doubled in size
another thing research showed is that it is useful for cognitive ability which is what is needed to be a psychic….another coincedence maybe but my dreams are even more symbolic now
there are more oriental links coming up in future blogs ( i have always had a fascination with feng shui,buddhism etc and now i have had a wierd experience in hospital with an oriental link…coming soon)
i would like to thank my U.S friend Jen who is the person who told me what the tree is
xxx i would never have known if she hadnt told me
this has to be one of the strangest coincedences i have had in a long time
if you are wanting to develop psychic ability and fancy giving gingko biloba a try,check with your doctor first !! and if they say its fine for you to take it,do please let me know how you get on with it


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