for my friend Betty in U.S who i promised to show these to years ago and have only just got them out of the attic
here is a coincedence that spooked me….
 i buy stuff from second hand shops all the time as you know by looking in my psychic finds section
a couple of days before the 9/11 tragedy i found these,they were in two different second hand shops and you can see by the design of the tankard that its probably 1970’s-1980’s design, im not totally sure but its not very modern
i do not even know why i bought these,they are not my kind of thing at all but something just urged me to
i have no links whatsoever with New York, so why get these ?
after the tragedy i thought how unsettling it was that on both items a plane is pointed in the direction of the twin towers !! probably just a design ..but its eerie and especially as the tankard has two planes coming in from different directions
i also found it unusual that two shops in a small town in UK would have these items at the same time..surely if someone collected New York items and then gave them away,they would have given them to the same shop ?
i hope i have not upset anyone with this blog,if so then i sincerely apologise
and i would just like to say that i hope the victims have found peace 

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jan 21, ’10
Emma thanks for sharing these. How close to 9-11 did you buy these? I know there was a reason you did. That is really weird about the planes pictured on them.Sometimes in some of the movies we watch that are filmed in NYC, they show the Twin Towers it make my hair stand on end. Even though I was not there when they fell, I can not explain the feelings I had that day. I have never felt so helpless in my life.Remember the dream you had about that bridge collapsing a year or so ago? Things def happen for a reason, no matter if we don’t understand them at the time. Again thank you for sharing these and you most def did not upset me.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 21, ’10
i bought them no more than a week before !!! i remember cos i bought them during lunchbreak while at college and when 9/11 happened was the year i was studying photography because i remember being really angry with some idiots in college assembly who were giggling through the two minute silence
are you talkin bout the very very similar dream we had ? we have quite a few similar premonitions dont we !!

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