THE FACE OF EVIL 30 jan 10

the face of evil Jan 30, ’10 10:37 PM
for everyone

a few months back for some bizarre reason i started watching a “most haunted live” even though i am a paranormal investigator who runs my own group,i gave up watching them years ago because i hate the way they work (thats a whole other blog !!)
anyway,i was shocked to see this psychic art drawing that their psychic artist had drawn
the most haunted live was titled “7 faces of evil”
this face is identical to a man that i have been fighting for the last ten years,he is quite simply evil,those of my friends who know who i am talking about and have seen his photo
will see what i mean 
the man i am fighting i highly suspect of being in an occult organisation
this is yet another strange coincedence for me

trickster2 wrote on Jan 31, ’10
Mmmm , let me think on this . I’ll see if the show is online anywhere and catch that episode , and see what comes up .

trickster2 wrote on Jan 31, ’10
PM the guys name , and I’ll see what I can find .

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