some psychics get specific signs that are meaningful to them for example some psychics hear crying or see something like an owl when someone is going to die

my son sees blue orbs with the naked eye when someone is going to be ill
i have now discovered that both of us get the most disturbing sign when someone is going to die and that is the smell of blood !!! its awful and really strong
the day my husbands mother died both my son and myself smelt blood,we didnt even know she was in hospital or sick,we found out later it was the exact time she died
recently i smelt the blood again,and just knew it was going to be a MALE in the family
i found out later that my half brothers uncles funeral was the day i mentioned the blood ( i had forgotten to tell a witness until a few days later),its very likely he died on the very same day i smelt it
i didnt even know about my brothers uncle,all i heard was that he had been at his funeral,i have only met my brothers uncle a couple of times and that was when i was little,my brother had not mentioned him for years until then

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