i was talking to my dad and suddenly came over all panicky and said that i felt my son was going to get a criminal record,he has never been in trouble with the police in his life,i blogged a status saying as much on facebook..2 days later my son came home with his tail between his legs,he had been in the police cells ,arrested for fighting !! (it seems to be a reaction to what happened to him ) not that that is an excuse of course !

when his court hearing came up i dreamt the night before that his judge would be a woman (thats rare,they are usually men) and that the hearing would be adjourned due to the evidence not being looked at properly..both these things came true
im happy to report that my son got off lightly since its his first offence  grrr

reddylaugh wrote on May 10, ’10
Do you ever feel the need to turn off your sensitivity? Just wondering because it seems that it might be a bit overwhelming at times and I worry about your health!

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 10, ’10
i think i would be worse with out it …it kind of prepares me for things ! but i do sometimes need to shut out the spirit contact that can be really draining

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