spirit contact ,polite man and others 9 may 10

while laying in bed one night trying to sleep i heard a male voice right in my ear

he said “busy ?” as if he was asking if i could talk to him,he was very polite,i told him to come back another time as i was tired
5 minutes later i heard a woman laugh and then some sort of growling that seemed to be to scare me but i laughed and shut them out
i knew something would happen because a few days before that i was having strange changes to my “hum” in my ear,almost as though i was being tuned into a different frequency / vibration 
spirits need to know they cant come to you at night and disturb you,it can take a long time to learn how to shut down and shut people out when they are not welcome,a few years ago i would have jumped out of my bed in fright but i now know how to shut down my “ariel” 
spirits are usually respectful and will go away if you ask them to,thankfully that night they did

reddylaugh wrote on May 10, ’10
How very cool. Because I am visited so infrequently, I would let me wake me up or bother me, but I certainly do not have all that “activity” going on about me.
Interesting post, Eevee. Thanks for sharing.

trickster2 wrote on May 15, ’10
Has the polite one come back ?

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 15, ’10
no : ( i feel bad now !!

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