i dont often do tarot as i dont really have the patience for it but the night before the general election in the UK i thought i would give it a go and asked what the outcome for our governement would be
here is what i put as my status on facebook (read from bottom upwards)

Emma Eevee ooooh i see the tarot i pulled last night was correct , the first time we have a hung parliament in 36 yrs ! well done hanged man card

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I thought that about an hour ago & when it hit the evening news here! Nice work E ;o)

4 hours ago ·

Jane L

dang, you’re good.

3 hours ago ·

Emma Eevee

lol it didnt spook me out like the murder i picked up on last weekend , i shall blog all about it in next few days !!

2 hours ago ·


Emma  so yeah thats fair ..thousands of people get turned away from the polling stations before they are even shut that stinks abit of vote rigging !! i predict a riot , i predict a riot

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Emmaoooh the tarot card i just pulled in regard to the general election was the HANGED MAN my view of that is (a) a hung parliament (b) if the cons get in we may as well hang ourselves !!

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Emma Eevee 

(c) or the conservatives will “hang” the country for us !!
i dont often do tarot but i suddenly got the urge , hanged man means change either way so stay tuned !


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