to cut a long story short, last week we tried to rescue a bird from out of a metal pipe in the woods, we thought it was trapped, turns out it had a nest with eggs in it so we felt really bad that we had disturbed it

it seems that Karma has paid us back by landing an orphan baby bird in our garden that I have been hand rearing for three days : ) and it is doing really well

it has also helped me to over come my  phobia of birds, I used to be petrified of them until one was trapped under the netting on our pond and I HAD to rescue it or it would have drowned, I was still a bit wary of them until I got this little guy

there is a strange coincidence to this story..most people think this bird is either a crow or a starling, we have always wanted a pet crow.

my uncle who is African American with Red Indian heritage has the name “Starling” he is known as star but isn’t that cool ???


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