last night I had my first session absently with my crystal lady

that involved me laying on my bed and relaxing, making myself open to whatever she was doing from her house at exactly the same time 
it was interesting :
I lay down exactly as I would on her treatment couch and shut my eyes, I went into relaxation and made myself “Open”
when I first lay down I had my costochondritis chest pain on the right side (which went after about five minutes in to the session)
I started with my hands crossed over my heart area but it seemed like someone pulled my hands down so they were at my sides, that was quite strange.
I felt hands feeling at my throat and a strong pulse over the thyroid area of my throat (all will become apparent later !)
there were waves of warm movement over my heart area
and tingling on the top of my head (I get the tingling with my illness but this seemed different)
there was a floaty feeling then a feeling that my body was really heavy and sinking into the bed but in a relaxed way.
the shallow breathing that I suffer had again slowed down like when I had the treatment at Claire’s
there was a tapping on the top of my head and I kept hearing the word BLUE
I was disturbed by a loud noise in my house just before the end but my husband said he did not hear anything
all this links in with Claire’s assessment of me, and goes way back to when I picked the blue cloth during colour meditation 
blue links to the throat chakra 
funnily enough yesterday I bought a magazine that goes in depth into the workings of the throat chakra !
the throat (Visshudha) chakra governs :
freedom of expression
sound and manifestation
truth and clarity
I can see why I may have problems there……
although any one who knows me will tell you that I have NO PROBLEM communicating and saying what I want (in fact it has got me into trouble on many occasion)
I do have a speech impediment now with my illness and on my bad days I feel ashamed to speak : (
the freedom of expression in me is being stifled by some officials who we have had a long running dispute with !
the magazine says that people with trouble in the throat chakra can feel pressure or a lump in their throat, I get this a lot, I have had tests and there is nothing wrong so it was put down to yet another unexplained symptom of my illness
the magazine states that people with issues with that chakra can have jaw trouble, yep..I have temporo mandibular joint dysfunction (the jaw hinge) which I have been having treatment for.
I also suffer from dry mouth which was blamed on some medication.
the chakra also governs how we perceive sound…this is fascinating because I have tinnitus (humming in the ears) and hyperacusis which is over sensitivity to sound !!
“the throat chakra is associated with all aspects of sound, sharing yourself authentically and hearing the world and people around you clearly ” (source : “Soul and Spirit ” magazine)
with the hyperacusis and tinnitus I alternate between hearing things too loudly or not being able to hear at all
It fascinates me that during colour meditation I picked the blue cloth (I would of thought I would have zoomed in on purple as it is my favourite colour)
I heard the word blue during the absent session
I recently had my toilet decorated blue, I do not like blue, it has never been a favourite colour and certainly not one I would normally use in home decor
Incidentally, the whole day I had been in a rage and depression, feeling sorry for myself, once I am like that it is hard to get me out of it but straight after the session I had chilled right out : )

sharlee44 wrote on Sep 22, ’11
Interesting, and sounds like it was a good session for you.

eeveefoo wrote on Sep 22, ’11

Interesting, and sounds like it was a good session for you.

it was great : )

bhaynes24053 wrote on Sep 23, ’11
Sounds like a very fascinating thing to study for sure 🙂

mystydragons wrote on Sep 24, ’11
after my surgery there are days my speech sounds really weird

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 24, ’11

Sounds like a very fascinating thing to study for sure 🙂

it is, I used to take no notice of crystals and chakras and all that but now I am fascinated

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 24, ’11

after my surgery there are days my speech sounds really weird

which kind of surgery ? (if you do not mind me asking)

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