I am still experimenting with the Carrochi cards and yesterday was a great time to try them out

we had unexpectedly been offered a move by our landlords who we have been at war with for 11 years !! ( I cannot go into it here but people who read my personal blog know what it is all about)
anyway the move is not what we wanted and in fact we had cosmically ordered that our neighbours move !! (they are very noisy and have contributed to my illness)
moving home would make me very ill and we have already had to do it once before because the house we lived in was unfit for dogs never mind humans, so we had no choice but to come to this house which we love but unfortunately under the surface it is also unfit : (
we are trying to decide if we should take the move or stay here while they work round us, either way it will make me ill
the cards :
we asked what was REALLY behind the offer of a move because we know from experience with our landlords that there has to be something in it for them
this card came up , we always accuse them of corruption and the red moon in the card is very symbolic to the landlords !!
when my husband asked the same question he pulled this card, which is spooky because he had said earlier how the member of the housing team who offered the move was not “himself” and like he was putting on an act
when I asked if moving was wise, I got this card, the move would be a GAMBLE !! and there is a goat in this card, I am capricorn ! it would be me out of the two of us who would see it as a gamble/ risk
when I asked what i REALLY wanted, this desire card came up and we laughed because I have been experimenting with GOOD spells to urge the neighbours to move and I have been doing my spells on a full moon
we asked again what would happen if we took our neighbours to court and I pulled this card, at the moment I myself am a HERMIT, I hardly ever leave the house due to (a) my illness or (b) the neighbours so is this card saying that I will continue to be a hermit or is it saying that the neighbours would lose and be so embarrassed that they would become hermits ? at the moment they think they own the place and spend 24/7 out in the garden preventing us from going in ours because the noise makes me ill

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