last night I went to my first meditation group : ) it has been set up by a lady in my village (Claire) who is a crystal healer (as mentioned in previous blog)
it was just us two at the first meeting because she is still looking for members, I know a few people but they were not available for that meeting,
I felt very welcome and very comfortable, the meeting was in her crystal healing room which is beautiful and has the most peaceful vibe .Claire has a nice serene and quiet personality which put me straight away at ease,
there was no sitting on the floor on yoga mats, just as well because my body would not allow that,
sitting comfortably on a nice squishy sofa I felt at total peace, we did two meditations, one involving sending out love (which will be more effective when the group is bigger ) and the other meditation involved colour using coloured squares of material, I found that during that meditation I was drawn to blue and held it near my lower stomach, this all fit in with the fact that I have “womens” problems so that was very interesting, it was very fascinating as it is something that I have been wanting to learn about, I will not go into the meditations in detail at the moment but I was left with a nice floaty feeling and less stress in my head.
the reason I am going to this group is because although I meditate at home and have done for years the meditations that I do are specifically for my psychic work,
the meditations in the group are more for personal holistic effect and group effect, I am hoping they will help with my illness : ) and hope they will also help others when the group meditation gets underway.
I am looking forward to learning more about crystals and chakras and the like because they are subjects that I know only a tiny bit about but I am keen to learn much more.
Soon I will be acting as a “guinea pig” for Claire’s healing work, as part of her training she has to practice on someone, my illness has 50 symptoms from top to toe so it gives her a lot to practice on, some of the healing has to be done absently (involving Claire doing it from home and me taking a quiet moment at home to be receptive to it ) much like I do absent or “remote” psychic readings.
I must admit that despite having had a serious sleep issue for over 20 years ( my brain does not allow deep sleep so I wake up every half and hour !) I woke a lot less
my only worry is that because my illness involves the brain and I have what is known as “fibro fog” that some times my brain will not allow me to go into a meditative state (just like I am almost impossible to hypnotise) that sometimes I will not be successful in the group exercises BUT I am certainly going to be taking home what I have learnt and trying again : )
to find out more about Claires work 


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