I do not normally play  “games ” on
 facebook but these cards are always
 highly accurate ! before pulling this
 card I asked if the sessions with the
 crystal lady will work !
whoah, this so fits in with what my crystal healer lady said !!!

Empowerment – Divine Guidance Oracle Cards

This card shows a gentle, yet powerful opening and energy flow of the third chakra-the power center. Through your own willingness to stand tall and be all of who and what you are meant to be, you naturally vibrate a dynamic energy that has a positive and empowering effect on others. Through your own acts of self-kindness and self-love, you have given yourself permission to shine a gentle and loving strength. This is exactly what the world needs right now. You are giving the gift of self-empowerment to everyone you meet.

Had the most amazing “healing” session with

 Claire the crystal lady who I go to for meditation

 class, it really was a wondrous experience, I have

 never had anything like that before so it was

 fantastic to try.


I lay on a cosy massage type table ,on my back with

 cushions under my head and a rolled up blanket

 under my knees, all that was required of me was

 to relax and that was it.



Claire used her hands feeling into my “aura”

 (which comes in different layers which I will not

 even attempt to explain)

Claire knows nothing about me, I expected her to

 go straight to my legs as I am on crutches but she

 spent a long time around my head

This fascinated me because with my illness the leg

 thing actually has nothing to do with the legs but

 the brain instead, she would not have known that .

I also found it interesting because due to my

 psychic work I obviously use my brain in different

 ways to other people.


I felt an intense warmth across my brow when she

 held her hands just above it, the warmth then

 turned into the feeling of cobwebs (in paranormal

 and psychic terms the feeling of cobwebs can

 mean that spirit is near by) they were so thick that

 I felt tempted to wipe them away but did not want

 to move.

I felt warmth pulling something out of the middle

 of my forehead (the 3rd eye chakra or brow

 chakra, I will not explain chakras here but we

 have seven of them throughout our body, they are

 energy centres and if they are not working right

 we can experience emotional or physical


And then all of a sudden it was sucked back in,

I use the 3rd eye chakra in my psychic work so I

 was puzzled as to why it seemed that something

 did, then did not want to happen there,


Claire then moved to the top of my head (the

 crown chakra) and I felt warmth there

At the same time I felt something was being “put

 in” it was a strange feeling, like when you have an

 operation and can feel movement and tugging but

 there is no pain.

At this time I heard clicking by my right ear , as

 though someone was clicking their fingers, this is

 interesting because it is the side I get tinnitus

 really bad (Claire does not know about that) it was

 like someone was trying to click it out of me, if that

 makes sense !

Tinnitus in my case is caused by the brain and not

 the ears, 

I then heard the “radio tuning” noise that I hear in

 my left ear when spirit is about to talk, that

 abruptly stopped though because I shut it out, not

 wanting to interfere with Claires work.



I suffer from shallow breathing, I breathe way too

 fast and not deep enough, when Claire was

 touching my shoulders the breathing changed to a

 normal pace : )


Claire then went down the other end of the table

 and lightly held the top of my feet, I noticed

 thather left hand was a lot warmer than her right,

 this symbolises to me ability, be it psychic or

 healing, ability that is out of the ordinary !


I felt butterflies in my stomach and then a circular

 tugging motion, this was strangely a nice feeling,


While all this was going on I was seeing my own

 symbols :

I saw an old lady who always wore lavender / pink

 or lilac standing opposite to Claire and handing

 her glowing golden roses, glowing with such a

 dazzling brightness like nothing seen in real life, it

 symbolised to me the ability in Claires hands, the

 old lady seemed to have been a matron in her life,

 I do not know if she is related to Claire or a guide

 or someone who just popped in to help,


The name Lucy, I was not sure if that was to do

 with the old lady or someone else.


I saw a man in his late 40s surrounded by war

 time telephones, he seemed  to be in the RAF and

 be involved in covert surveillance, it looked like

 Ww2 era.


I saw the map of Cyprus, this could be due to the

 fact that my husband is Greek Cypriot but Claire

 did say that she had been to Cyprus with her

 Geology work.


When the session was finished Claire told me

 about the things she had picked up on, 


She saw a dragon in my stomach, he had lost his

 flame !

That so fits with me, I used to have murderous

 rages and learnt to stop those but I now kind of do

 not know how to deal with things in a different

 manner, it was like the dragon felt a bit redundant !

Claire said that she needs to pull the energy from

 that area up to my heart, that should help me deal

 with things better when I am angry or depressed

very depressed for the three days prior to attending

 !) and I had been inwardly fuming with myself

 because I did not want to break out into a rage 

, that would explain why the dragon was pacing up

 and down and looking lost !

She said that she showed the dragon a box and

 inside was an edible flame, if I have this correct I

 think it meant that he needed to learn how to eat

 the flame to deal with emotions properly ?


She said that she spent a lot of time at my crown

 chakra because I needed to learn to use that and

 bypass the 3rd eye chakra now, around the 3rd

 eye it looked like a dirty window, probably

 because it has been overused, I need to use my

 crown or “Soul “ energy to get a better handle on

 soul connections, I nearly fell off the bed in shock

 because only the day before I bought a book called

 SOUL CONNECTIONS !! I have never bought a

 book on that subject before

It seems that if I start using that part of me I will

 become a fully fledged “medium” this is something

 that I have been putting off doing for years, I did

 not know if I was ready but from what Claire was

 telling me …I AM : ) 

I need to get my soul connection to “sparkle”…..

 that sounds good to me


From what I understood from the session I need to

 work on my soul connections, my heart and how I

 deal with my own negativity


It all made perfect sense


After the session Claire “grounded “ me using

 pendulum and what looked like a clear quartz


I really really needed that session today after the

 awful week I have had, I now feel extremely “chilled ” 


Next week will be absent healing where at 9pm

Claire does her work from her house while I lay

 peacefully at home at the exact same time and

 tune in to allow her to do her thing


sounds all very “hippy” doesn’t it ? but it WORKS


here is the book I accidentally came across 

nahimanacg wrote on Sep 19, ’11
Not hippish at all. Have a good week.
mystydragons wrote on Sep 19, ’11

Not hippish at all. Have a good week.

quivers wrote on Sep 19, ’11
sounds wonderfully exciting! yes have an awesome week!
readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 19, ’11

Not hippish at all. Have a good week.

thank you , and you too : )
readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 19, ’11


: )
readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 19, ’11
quivers said

sounds wonderfully exciting! yes have an awesome week!

I cannot recommend it enough !!
dlincognito wrote on Sep 20, ’11
Good gawd. That sounds like almost orgasmic or sumpin’. Geez! Like a wild Acid Trip. Not that i ever did that stuff. Cough. Great blog thingy!!!!!!!!!
readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 21, ’11

Good gawd. That sounds like almost orgasmic or sumpin’. Geez! Like a wild Acid Trip. Not that i ever did that stuff. Cough. Great blog thingy!!!!!!!!!

it was kind of trippy !! : )

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