NEW PAST LIFE STUFF..face to face with myself !

this is not strictly in the right order but this was very important to me so I need to get this posted first :


Update on my R101 past life October 2010


I think its safe to say from the evidence gathered so far and the fact that I no longer have the fears regarding airships that I used to that I certainly WAS on the R101

During October 2010 I had the sudden urge to go to Bedford, I had only been there the week before with my friend from America (more about that later) and Bedford is somewhere I only go sort of once a month to see my dad, its about a 60 mile round trip for us, so not something we tend to do at the spur of the moment


Anyway ,that particular day I was going to go somewhere utterly different, when I get paid I like to go to different towns to do charity shop hunting (as you will see from my psychic finds section) I felt almost magnetically drawn to Bedford, when we got there I moaned at my husband that we were lost and couldn’t find the car park we usually used, strange in itself, as we were driving round I spotted a poster for an R101 exhibition and I was so excited we never would have seen that if we hadn’t got lost, I managed to find the place after we finally parked,


Inside it was a spectacular display, very well set out despite their obviously not being much in the way of exhibits, I got some photos of all that I could (asking permission first) it was odd..inside the exhibition I just felt numb, no sadness, no fear, just numb



I saw the display of clothing that crew were allowed to take and was annoyed that a straw hat was on display, no one would have worn a straw hat in October I

It wasn’t until I got to a display cabinet with an R101 badge in it that I felt pangs of anger and sadness, it was MY badge, how dare they use it without my express permission, this is not a phrase I would use, it wasn’t the badge I died with but a spare one that I had in my locker

I then found a group photo, so far I have found group photos of the crew but they have not been labelled, this one was and I was drawn with a cold chill to one face that looked back at me ,it seemed to have an expression like “at last “ it seemed to look like it was worn out with waiting for me, there he / I was…William King, engineer,

 what was very odd is that he seems to have kind of Asian eyes !! note my fascination with all things Buddhist, note that I had an oriental man at my side during an operation (I need to find out more about William King and if he indeed had oriental heritage somewhere , there is SO much more I need to find out)

I stared at him / myself for quite a while then realising how mad I must look I made my way round the rest of the exhibition.


I felt kind of like one of the officials at the inquiry

 rather than someone who died on there, I walked round checking that everything was just so, and discussing with my husband that of course it was so ridiculous to think that airships would ever work, and the thought of bringing them back made me sad, (I felt as if I were William discussing this) that they would never withstand the changeable weather etc,I felt like I was an expert, I then got cross seeing Lord Thompson,


 that impatient little man who insisted we fly the damn thing when he knew that it wasn’t safe, there was no point in Lord Thompson just crossing his fingers and hoping, and which imbecile allowed him on board with too much luggage ?

It was quite disturbing me that I seemed to be talking 1930’s style and left


I walked out after picking up some gift shop items ( I had texted myself the day before saying I would find an R101 book !! and I did ,and that’s before I even knew about the exhibition) and believe me, R101 books are hard to find, even in Bedford, I had only got one before and had to specially order that


I felt fine until I got round the corner then just burst into inconsolable sobs, I knew I had to film the experience, film the aftermath of finally coming face to face with my past self, and my camera didn’t record it all, not the part where I was heartbroken anyway ,that was strange

My husband thought I was cracking up in the street when I started crying “its my badge , I miss my friends”

It took me a good hour to get over it, now I feel I must honour William by finding out more about his life before and during the R101, hypnosis doesn’t work on me due to the fact I have a neuron disorder in my brain so I will have to find other ways, wonder if its possible to contact the spirit of my previous self ??

More bits and pieces are coming back to me in a slow dribble, more so since I went to the exhibition, this is something that is going to take time to work out fully, yes I could see a historian, I’ve been told that the airship heritage trust are very helpful but I want to truly test myself psychically, I don’t want info fed to me, I want to gather it psychically myself then see if im right, much like I do on paranormal investigations.


It was only the week before when I was at the grave site with my American friend that I was hoping that Williams photo would be on one of the wreathes and it wasn’t, so a week later to be drawn to Bedford to that exhibition I hadn’t even heard of was obviously and clearly meant to be !


This may sound funny but there has always been something in the back of my mind saying that I had just ordered sandwiches for supper when the airship crashed, I don’t really eat bread, maybe that is why !

I like the smallest bedroom in the house, I feel cosy in it, the biggest bedroom is my office and I have the smallest room with a double bed rammed in it, it must remind me of feeling all snug in the tiny sleeping quarters


as you know from my previous writing on this subject I still think this explains the “hum” I hear that I have to wear an earpiece for, it must be stuck in my brain from my past life, hearing the hum of the R101, I often wake in the night saying my room is on fire (I even had to see a psychiatrist about that) obviously those who died on the R101 died in the fire,




One thing I am certain of is that William was a loner, he just got on with his work and did not socialise much, hence why I only have a few trusted friends in this life, the name Lily was important to him, I think it was his mother, I think he still lived with her, hence my favourite flower being the Lily, I named my cat Lily and my middle name on the internet is Lily ! he was very very close with her, she died not long after the crash, probably from shock, William was an only child, this is why I am probably over protective of my son in this life, the roles are reversed now.

He had no wife or children, a lady called Ethel or Eunice who worked in the Cardington offices liked him very much but he was too shy to ask her on a date.

He had a dog called Barnaby and he would go out cycling on his days off, for miles and miles in all weathers and he would park up in the woods, enjoy a pipe and the solitude

He did not come from Bedford, I get that he was from somewhere with a C name, im trying to get more info (POST SCRIPT I found out he came from Kent so im a bit wrong there)

He had no time for jokers or foolery at work, his position was important to him, he would shake his head in disbelief at the younger crew members and their high jinks, hence why I can be way too serious in this life but also funny ! I have also carried over from that life the way I find my paranormal work so important that anyone messing around is asked to leave my team




My friend was over from America and I took her to see the grave site as its part of British history I had hoped to visit on the anniversary but due to our car breaking down we didn’t get there until a few days after, however a lot of wreathes were still there I noticed that some had crew members photos on and hoped to find William but no luck

the cemetery atmosphere was like it usually is, I felt numb looking at my grave and I still picked up that sense of anger that all the crew were buried with Lord Thompson

but what did shock me was a possible explanation as to why I despise any kind of secret order (i.e the masons ) almost every other message left here was about the order of the buffalo !!

what stuck out was this message, that 26 victims who died were “brothers” of the order of the buffalo, I do not think William was one of the “brothers” I think that he didn’t get on with those who were, which has now carried into this life with a hatred for any kind of secret order or cult

I think Lord Thompson was probably a member and William knew only too well that it was Lord Thompson’s fault the R101 met its fiery destiny, crashed on a hillside in France


while I was there I did my usual tests, it was daytime but the only people about where myself, my husband and my friend Marilyn, most of the graveyard backs onto just fields where you get a good view of the airship sheds and there is not likely to be anyone passing by.


I came back with an interesting photographic anomaly, I had asked someone in spirit to put lights near my husband and this appeared

all my years of photography experience and paranormal photography experience tells me that this is NOT sunlight, if it were you would see a gap in the trees where the source point would be, there is no gap, it is not the right “texture” and sunlight flare on a day like that comes out neon blue or red

the slight mist on the corner of the top of the tomb is most probably flare from the marble but no flash was used to account for the streak and the streak is not a continuation of flare from the marble because my husband is in the way, in the paranormal field we would class an anomaly like this as “ecto mist” i.e. the 3rd stage of a spirit trying to form


E.V.P recordings on this visit proved interesting and link in with the R101 story

I shall just list the ones here that I feel are relevant


When I say that I got there as quick as I could i.e. I missed the anniversary a man whispers YES

click here


When I say that it explains why I have a hatred of all things Masonic a man whispers


 click here

An oldish woman says IM WITH YOU, I believe this to be William Kings mother

Saying to William / ME that she is around all the time

click here


A man with a croaky  voice as though it has been damaged in the fire says

NOT HAPPY HERE I believe this fits in with none of the victims being happy to be buried with Lord Thompson, also most of them were not from the Bedfordshire area so could be saying they are not happy they are buried away from home

 click here

A male voices asks for WATER , this could be in relation to the fire on the airship, he has a London accent though so I need to find out if any of the crew were Londoners

click here

(POST SCRIPT, yes I have found out that a few of the crew were Londoners)


A very clear male voice says STOP IT , I do not think this is at us but I rather think that it is William or someone telling the head coxswain to stop the airship as they saw danger ahead

 click here

A male says I CANT SEE obviously all victims would have been blinded by the smoke

click here

When I say William can I ask you a question a male whispers YES

 click here

A woman says CRUSH or RUSH, is this a relative of one of the victims saying there was a rush or  crush to get out of the burning airship or that Lord Thompson was in too much of a rush to fly !

click here

On video there are no visual anomalies but there are voices


A woman says SAW IT is this the woman who had a premonition of the airship crash ? a lot of victims relatives did (even down to one of the crew members dogs !) or could this in fact be the spirit of Eileen Garret the famous medium who attended a séance with world renowned ghost hunter Harry Price the same day the airship crashed, Eileen Garret and other members were not even aware of the crash at the time and she was able to come out with some amazingly accurate information including very technical and engineering information that a woman simply wouldn’t have known, is she saying that she saw it before it happened ? another bizarre occurrence is that Eileen Garret is likely to be one of my spirit guides (see previous blog on psychic site)


DESTROYED this is a womans voice and I think it is Eileen Garret, she knew before it was public knowledge during the séance that the airship had crashed)


HERE HERE after I ask if anyone wishes to speak, seems someone is trying to get my attention


A male says SAVE ME / SAVE IT or SACRED


An Irish woman says ARE WE READY, Eileen Garret was Irish, could this beherstarting off the séance, asking the sitters if they were ready ?




In my opinion and the opinions of those who know me, this evidence and other

Evidence gathered so far proves that I indeed do have some kind of link with the

R101, maybe its not because I was William King, maybe he is actually my spirit guide, I am not so sure because of the e.v.p I got before where someone said HE HAS YOUR EYES on mentioning William, almost as though they were saying he looks through my eyes because I once was him and deep down my soul still is ?


The mystery continues


© e vachos 2010



to see my photography

click here for the full exhibition

click here for the graveyard and R101 tomb


you can see from this video how shocked and distressed I was

click here

I have not posted the full video because it is very personal




but be sure to scroll right down when you get there as it has been posted backwards


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