so had to blog this as one of the best “coincidences” in my life lately

I went to Addenbrookes hospital today to the tinnitus clinic as it is part of my illness to have that,, anyway a man came into the waiting room and called me, he shook my hand and was so friendly, when I got into his surgery he told me his name and I could have fallen off my chair, it was Dr David Baguley, he is THE TOP tinnitus expert in UK and lectures all round the world, I have read alot of his work on “the hum” and I have always wanted to meet him but getting an appointment with him is like expecting to find £1000 appear in your purse.not very likely !! he is in the national press all the time, has been on TV alot and written books,so he is a VERY BUSY man, I have always wanted to meet him and I even asked to be referred to him many years ago but was told there was more chance of hell freezing over and that I would only get to see one of his juniors
usually at tinnitus clinic it is just an audiology technician that you see, so I was very surprised to be seeing him !! he also had someone else in the room scribbling notes
he was so nice, and I was in his surgery for well over an hour, we started talking about all sorts of things, I told him I was a paranormal investigator (not something that I would normally tell a doctor) he was very interested, I asked him if it is possible that the years of listening to EVP recordings and forcing my brain to pick out the lowest frequency noises could be why I now have hyper sensitive hearing, he agreed
we discussed “the hum” ie the “taos hum” and wether it was environmental or paranormal, 
I even talked to him about the infrasound theory and the fact that it can effect people and make them think there are paranormal happenings
I also broached the subject with him about my dental drill theory ie that sitting next to a dental drill for years could have also triggered my tinnitus, he was VERY interested in that too and said it was something that needed looking into
he GAVE me a special relaxation box to listen to at night and they do not often give those out, you usually have to buy your own as they are worth about £30
anyway, the thing is, not only was it strange to see him of all people but the interest he showed in MY theories was just fantastic, doctors usually are not interested in patients theories especially not about the paranormal
he explained that there are tiny muscles in my ear holding the “hearing bones” in place and that the helicopter type noise I hear is simply the muscle vibrating ,caused by my brain and also the fibromyalgia
he said what the ENT specialist said : my brain is OVER ACTIVE, which is handy for psychic and paranormal work but not for day to day life
we came out of the hospital in shock, my husband said he thought something strange was going on by the way Dr Baguley greeted he had been looking forward to it, he may well have done research on my theories from the internet, it would be easy for him to have come across them,
this is all since cosmic ordering !! as you know (if you read my fibromyalgia blog) I have had years and years of wasted appointments for various things, this is the first appointment that made me feel worth something and that someone was actually listening !
the cosmic ordering we have been doing has been asking for better health treatment and this is the second time in just over a week that i have had HELP, something that has not happened for 20 years
today was finished with finding lots of psychic finds in second hand shops, but that is another blog

trickster2 wrote on Jul 1, ’11
You need to tell me about cosmic ordering , sounds interesting .

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jul 6, ’11

You need to tell me about cosmic ordering , sounds interesting .

I am going to do a blog on it soon with instructions because lots of people have been asking about it !!
apparently Noel Edmunds got everything he asked for including a wife and “deal or no deal” just when he thought he had no career lefft

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