My husband decided he would like to try the meditation group so he came along with me and we had a fascinating time

firstly Claire taught us the meaning of meditation, we talked about the soul link and working on the top chakra (crown)
a specific grounding meditation using the higher link and grounding from below, a ball of light with threads coming from above the crown and from the earth and meeting in the middle where the heart is,(I Probably have not explained this properly but if you go on Claire’s website you will find her meditations)
my vision was of a pretty cave with stalactites ? hanging from the roof they were crystal in appearance, I saw a rainbow pool with a lily pad floating in it and in the lily pad was a golden box but it was closed
my husbands vision was that he was in our garden where the trees are, he felt peaceful and relaxed, he saw a white ball of light above his head and a gold light from the centre of the earth
We then looked at crystals and had a fascinating lesson, where we saw special crystals that had what is known as “phantoms” inside them and all sorts, it was very educating, Claire taught us how the crystals were formed and why they are different and have different textures and colours, we were told to pick one, the one I picked had a tiny rainbow inside it when I looked very very closely (interesting as I saw a rainbow pool in the first meditation !)
We then went and chose a crystal from Claire’s huge collection on her shelves
I chose a flat slice type crystal, cannot remember what it was called but its centre was a lovely cerise pink.
My husband chose a huge chalky type thing with what looked like a sort of grey amethyst type crystal in the middle.
In the meditation Claire told us to go over a rainbow bridge (the third time that a rainbow was symbolic for me that evening !)
we then visualised stepping into the crystal we were holding
my experience I saw one of my Guides Eileen, who in life was a very famous medium,she gave me a big open book but there was nothing written in it, the pages were the same cerise pink as the crystal, when I turned to leave and looked back she had turned into the spirit of my Gran who was pointing at my hips and demanding that I have an MRI (she was a nurse in her younger years)
LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT THE DAY AFTER I WOULD END UP IN MY WHEELCHAIR FOR THE FIRST TIME BECAUSE OF MY HIPS !! my hips were bad at the meditation evening but by the next day they were worse than they had ever been and I had to resort to my wheelchair which I have never done before : (
the problems are still there, over a week later and it seems my Gran was right, I need to ask for an MRI because it has never lasted this long before.
my husbands experience inside his crystal when visualising he heard a voice that he said sounded like his deceased mother and also like me, he was in a cave and the voice was telling him to be more positive (this is something he DOES need to work on !)
he said that the rainbow bridge Claire asked us to walk was in our local woods, he saw himself there holding a huge crystal.
for this one we held rose quartz, the crystal for love 
we did the sending out of love meditation that I had done with Claire on a previous evening, but this time the effect should be stronger as there were three of us.
the bubble that we visualise in this meditation to encircle everyone with love looked like bubble gum to me and was the same cerise colour as the crystal I chose earlier, I saw it enclosing the world and inside it was a pink butterfly.
my husband saw little scenarios where people were being kind to each other and feeling good about it, he said the sky was tinted red
we both described seeing the earth like you do on “google earth” and we zoomed in on it trying to send out love 
when I got home I picked up a book that I have never read before and it was fascinating to see the chapter on the rainbow bridge, the book describes how the line of chakra’s throughout the body have colours of the rainbow and when joined together they are described as the “rainbow bridge”
rainbows sure figured strongly in this evenings sessions for me.
my husband really enjoyed it and said the peace he felt lasted for a few days

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