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Posted in crystal healing experiences with tags on January 4, 2012 by Psychic eevee

I chose the wand shaped crystal / stone

at this meditation group we had a new member called Steph, she was very nice
while I was sitting talking to her and Claire was out of the room my crutches moved by themselves
where they were positioned down the side of the sofa ,wedged in with cushions it was not really possible, lights started flickering too, I did not see any of this as paranormal but rather a build up of energy, which is basically how poltergeist activity presents itself, the build up of energy usually from a deeply stressed person or a teenager, any way I will not go into that because that is more for my paranormal website…but on this occasion I think it showed the energy between the group members and the fact that a new person had joined

we were asked to pick a crystal or stone and strangely Steph and I both chose a mookite without watching each other
the mookite I found out symbolises : earth connection, spirits of ancestors and trees…I am BIG on trees at the moment, I go cosmic ordering in the woods, hug trees, read the runes which are tree related and get very upset at people cutting down trees !

Claire chose a garnet, both those stones have love connections : ) and part of the meditation group is to do a love meditation at the end that we send out to everyone

we went into a chamber, a kind of bell…this was a new year , new start kind of meditation, the sound of the bell resonating was meant to help with shedding anything bad from the previous year

Steph had an experience that she described as “Dr Who” like
when Claire told us to picture light particles in our body coming out, growing darker and dissapearing (along with things we wanted to shed ) I saw bright butterflies inside me that then turned into moths, it is interesting that I saw butterfies leaving me, I have been kind of snowed under with spirits, the butterfly symbolises spirit, it also symbolises my illness, when they had turned into moths they hit the wall and slid down and stayed there in a pile on the floor…Claire said it was unusual and she thought it symbolised that I needed more work, wether in a healing sense or a spiritual sense, it is usual for the symbolism of butterflies to work the other way round, Ie they go INTO the person.

I had been having a rage that day about my landlords so that may be why the butterflies turned into dark moths, and slid down the wall and stayed there…that is much like our situation with said landlords !

I actually heard the bell chiming in my ears but then again I do have tinnitus

this meditation was to use the power of the red ray (will power)
we went through a poppy meadow to a magnolia tree that we sat under, this was funny to me because I recently had an argument with my landlords about the colour magnolia I saw the magnolia flowers fall to my feet and they then turned into a lamb that I went skipping off withthe lamb being a symbol of the spring equinox could mean I am lined up for “rebirth” and changes .
I did not see much red during this meditation
my meditation was peaceful and I can now note a month later that the willpower seems to have worked because I have cut right down on cigarettes and comfort food, both things I have battled with for years and years

unfortunately Steph had a horrible experience during this meditation and had to be “grounded” by Claire
at the same time I saw a tall thin man in front of Steph, he had very unsettling vibes, he was antagonistic and bizarrely I saw him with a violin ! this did not mean anything to anyone at the time so I wonder who he was and why he felt the need to invade Stephs aura

I think the meditation went well for me due to my love of trees and the fact that I picked the mookite , not knowing it symbolised trees ! trees figure a lot in my spiritual and psychic work

I felt so drawn to the mookite wand that I felt I had to take a photo of it so that I could look at it all the time, my next step is to buy my own one

during our usual love meditation that we do at the end of each session to send love out to the world I saw the world as a helium balloon and saw my hand reaching out to grab the ribbon on it…I do often feel that my world is slipping away

what I found interesting is this :
Mookaite jasper,  also known as mookite, mookalite, mookerite, moakite, moukalite and moukaite
my cat is called Jasper, and I have a friend with the surnam Moukhin who is going through a tough time at the moment, fascinating that I was drawn to this stone, not only because of the tree link but also these two reasons