DOG HEALING 26 feb 2012

please excuse the awful photos of me, I was in the middle of a chronic fatigue flare !! (and yes I did wash my face after the kisses from Max, as an ex dental nurse I am pleased to inform you that a dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans !)anyway, I go for healing with my meditation teacher, she is training to do something new and I have been her test subject because my illness has so many symptoms I am a good subject to work on,

sometimes her group do higher dimensional absent healing for people and she suggested that I could put my dogs names on the list, last week the black dog was literally dying, he is 15 years old and was rushed to the vets where he was disagnosed with a throat infection and a touch of pneumonia, with anti biotics it started to clear up but I thought that absent healing might help him, because he still has a cough

I also put my other dogs name on the list because he has arthritis of the back legs, he is nearly 13.

all I had to do was spent 15 minutes quiet time with them

Max, the black one did not cough once during the healing session, he was leaping around like a puppy and *cough* trying to mount my leg, he has not done that for years…it was like he regressed back to puppy hood

Snickers, the brown dog was very chilled out , I spent half of the time doing the “om ” chant, he even tried to copy me ! he decided that my legs needed healing (which they do..I am sometimes in a wheelchair) he held onto my leg which was quite strange, it seemed to be a kind of mutual healing session : )

you can see the trust in his eyes, he is almost looking at me as if to say ” am I doing this right “

more kisses from Max once the healing was overyou can see Snickers holding on to my arm, I have problems here too and have had to have an operation

if you are on facebook and want to put your name, someone elses name, an animals name down for sunday night healing ( usually 9pm-9.15 pm and just requires you or the person /animal to spend that time in quiet contemplation ) then do visit the Higher Dimension Healing Foundation page

click here

andthishappens wrote on Feb 27
I have always believed that about dogs licks…most people gross out….:)

debieo wrote on Feb 27
That is so interesting.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 27

I have always believed that about dogs licks…most people gross out….:)

dogs licks are healing , my dogs always know when I have had an operation and where the wound is !!
I saw a tv programme once about dogs that are trained to sniff out cancer, it was amazing

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 27
debieo said

That is so interesting.

thanks, it was quite amazing at the time that my dog seemed to want to heal me

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