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it gets freakier with the owls, yesterday I was bombarded with them

OK OK , I get the message !!


first I got my owl ring from ebay which I was expecting but then I suddenly had a psychic urge to go to my favourite antique shop , I just knew they had owls there and I wanted one for my altar, I had to go immediatly the urge was so strong, the shop is seven miles away and we left the house with only half an hour to spare

the shop was almost closing when I got there

there were about 6 owls in there that had not been there the previous week, they must of done a house clearance for an owl collector


I got this tiny little lucky charm one to carry in my bag


I got this big one to put on my shelf


I got this small one for my altar


we then went to another antique and collectors shop and came across even more owls, there were these ones on a shelf, a nice fabric one that I did not get a photo of and an owl fridge magnet


they had these two necklaces that I could not afford : (


but I spotted this one in a charity shop : )


then I went to my sons and he showed me a little outfit he bought for his baby !


then my son put the TV on and we saw this owl


when I got home I put the TV on and saw this woman with her unusual name, take the A off the end of her

first name and you have TAWNY like the tawny owl



then I checked my facebook on my phone and saw these in my news feed


later on I was looking for a phone app where I could check all my social networks together and found Hootsuite, I have never seen it before and did not know the logo was an owl


(read my previous blogs under the category “owl” to understand what I am going on about )



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the owl is back !!! after three days without him he has returned,

I really hope this is not to do with alien abduction ( yes we have had experiences with that but I am saving that for my book ) I am just puzzled as to why he is back when I KNOW that he has been here because he is my power animal..or is that just what I was hoping ?

click here for a video

Why Owls Are The Perfect Surveillance Drones for an Alien Abduction

There is a long and often mystical connection between humans and owls. For example, Ancient Greeks viewed owls as representing great wisdom, whereas Ancient Romans viewed them as good luck (assuming that is, you could nail one to the front door of your house.)However, in The Fourth Kind, which documents the encounters of Dr. Abigail Tyler of Nome Alaska and her patients. One of the striking aspects of the film is how the recurring imagery of a Barn Owl by Dr. Tyler and her patients serves as an abduction event harbinger, or possibly a confused memory of what the actual aliens look like.

Because the abductees shown in the film are never able to recall the physical form of their abducters, the significance of the owls is lost in some mythical notion.

Obviously, the producers of this film simply do not understand why owls are ideally suited to a surveillance role. This is really a shame because, because assuming one has the power to control animals, an Owl would be your number one choice for nighttime human habitat surveillance.

Owls are Like Predator Drones

We routinely see how high flying Predator drones are used to target and attack enemy leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan with uncanny success. Flying at high altitude with powerful cameras, operators can loiter for long periods while tracking their targets, then take them out with Hellfire missiles.

At low altitude, owls are are far more effective at surveillance than any Predator drone ever could ever be, so let’s see how that applies to the abduction events portrayed in this film, that happened in Nome, Alaska

Like eagles, owls are raptors, descendants of predatory dinosaurs. What is interesting about owls is how nature has coordinated their hearing and vision. As to their sense of smell, it is rather poor. It is why the Great Horned Owl (which is also a native species in Alaska) is the number one predator of skunks. However, the Barn Owl featured in this film is so effective in controlling rodent populations that many farmers prefer them to poisons and traps. Why?

The eyes of an owl are powerful. So powerful, were humans to have similar capabilities, our eyes would need to be the size of small oranges. Of equal importance are the feathered cups around the owls eyes.

They’re there for a purpose many do not understand. If we compare them to the satellite dishes we use for cable TV to focus satellite transmission onto a receiver, the owl’s early capture line of sight sounds. The eye cups literally direct the sound to the owl’s ears.

In terms of their audible range of their hearing, owls are comparable to humans. However, they are specially tuned for certain frequencies which enable them to hear the slightest movement, such someone walking about inside their home, or turning under the sheets of their own bed. Yet, that’s only the half of it.

Owl’s ears are asymmetrical. In other words, one is always a little higher than the other. This enables the owl to compare sound differences between the two ears. When you add it all up, owls are amazing nighttime surveillance drones. They automatically see what they hear and hear what they see and can track the smallest of movements. Each with dead accurate, real time, distance, elevation and direction target parameters.

Assuming, you are and extraterrestrial and you want to know where your targets are in a human habitat, you send an owl. Once it detects a sound from inside the structure, it focuses its eyes in the direction. At that point, you’ll know exactly who or what is in that structure, as well as their precise location. You’ll likewise know if they are moving or at rest. Or in other words, an owl is the perfect E.T. surveillance tool for an abduction.

Earth-Centric Vulnerability

This brings us to the key point. To the producers of The Fourth Kind and the researchers associated with the project, their view of the owls was Earth-centic. In other words, we only believe that which we can understand and possible control at our level.

Imagine that you’re an E.T. race, or some insanely twisted jihadi genius, the ability to telepathically control presents a two fold benefit. First is the obvious mission capabilities of the owl itself. The second is that the rigid, Earth-centric thinking of human targets effectively shrouds your surveillance drone owl with powerful a cloak of invisibility.


Yes, there are many of us contactees/abductees who have a thing for owls. It’s really a metaphysical connection. I have felt very good about owls before, always knowing that the star people were near…. But there have been times when the owl was used as a screen memory to disguise the aliens’ (bad guys’) real faces. I don’t like those kinds of owls.

Yes, the large-eyed anime characters really do resemble alien eyes and owl eyes. And I’ve also noticed a lot of the dolls being sold in the USA now have larger eyes than normal. I believe it is psychological conditioning for the general public to get more accustomed to seeing large black eyes and accepting them as normal.

And yes, I agree that the owl is used as a subconscious trigger.


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2012-08-25 23.35.50

the signs regarding owls continue, I think the owl is definitely my “power animal” never before have I seen so many owls, it is not like they are common..I had originally thought that the bat was my power animal/ spirit animal because I have always loved them,I have never been drawn to owls but it seems that something is telling me that I should be drawn to them.

the owl outside our house was there for four days, the day I worked out what he was there for he stopped visiting, last night I could of fallen off my chair when I came across three owls

the top one was in a horror film we were watching, the one below was on a TV programme about UFOs

and this was the first image in my Facebook feed when I checked my Facebook before I went to bed

much like a spirit guide a power animal can be called upon when help is needed, for example an owl can be called upon if someone needs wisdom, a dog if someone needs loyalty and a fox if someone needs cunning !

if you keep seeing an animal that you have not noticed before it could be that you are being shown your power animal : )

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discrimination by ebay !!

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Petition Background (Preamble):

Important news* Did you know ebay will NOT be selling tarot readings, psychic readings, reiki, metaphysical jewelry, spells, magic, healing, blessing services**+++++ anymore!! As of end of September 1st!
Contact ebay let them know .. Spread the word! this isnt right!

There are so many people that work so hard to do this everyday, and countless more people who depend on our services! For the few bad apples and problems ebay may have…. is a thousands even millions more successful and happy clients every day!
So I was thinking.. over 1,000 signatures is great… so far for the petition in ebay… However I alone on here have over 500 friends, on twitter over 4,000? I look at it this way, although ebay shutting its metaphysical community down may not bother you. Maybe you are on keen, or bitwine, oranum…. ++++ Maybe you go other places. This is fine. But not signing this signature just allows the other side to win* The skeptics that bash us as a whole, the non believers, the various religions, the ones that think all metaphysical is a scam, a crook a “Charlton” IT is people like this . that think gee see there isnt alot of people in the world who believe! See look even psychics arent supporting this .. as I have seen actually written because of the one “psychic” that wrote her blog against ebay psychics. People think there are not millions of people who believe, or use.. They stay in their closed minded world.. and this petition can be proof in their mind. So please make this a priority. sign the petition

So please Send your letter or email or call* send them this link.. tell them what you think!
*************email them :)****************

Spread the word please.

Also contact and spread the news here…too…

Ebay don’t ban our metaphysical services! fight for the psychics and the tarot readers, the witches, wiccans, pagans, new age, healers, blessings, spells, voodoo, items of magic ++++++++ and most of all our clients and friends!

Some examples to deal with this would be:
To keep “just entertaining purposes” as what this is no refunds as per ebays new policy! In conclusion not having to deal with the “headaches” let the people decide for them self the rotten apples*

Tell Ebay You Want Magick, Psychics and Spells to Remain Part of the eBay Metaphysical Marketplace
As many of you may have recently heard from either forum posts or your favorite sellers, eBay is removing much of the Metaphysical Category come Aug. 30th.
We have created a list of eBay contact emails, phone and fax numbers where you can voice you opinion on this and ask eBay to change their minds.


Tell everybody and take it to Twitter and Facebook too! Tell eBay HOW YOU FEEL!

Below is the FIRST AND SECOND of about 1600 email addresses of SENIOR eBay employees and Department Heads including the presidents, Vice Presidents and CEO..

This list will be constantly updated over the next several days. BUT, don’t wait! Start NOW! PLEASE! Only YOU can save eBay’s Metaphysical Categories! NEW UPDATE! morning-8/16

The petition-PLEASE sign it so it can be emailed too!

A letter template to use if you wish–

To whom it may concern
I am writing to eBay to express my dismay over your recent decision to remove certain categories under the metaphysical heading. While I understand some few sub-par sellers may have caused charge back issues, this is certainly not the norm among sellers in the Metaphysical categories. Most have exemplary feedback and many happy and satisfied repeat customers. In fact, the feedback of metaphysical sellers as a whole is probably far better than sellers of electronics and other like merchandise.

There has also been the statement made that many sellers are dealing in ‘intangible’ items. While we understand this poses an issue with eBay/Paypal dealing with refunds and charge backs when nothing is mailed, selling an intangible item has long been against eBay policy anyway. Many sellers know this and DO mail items to their customers. Those that do not should be educated in eBay rules to cease this practice which has long been against policy.

What is alarming now is that the blanket term of ‘intangilbe item’ is being used to ban actual ITEMS. Jewelry, crystals, stones and other items with ADDED energy work or yes, what is commonly called ‘spells’, are being targeted. What concerns me is your purposed selective enforcement of what you(eBay) terms ‘intangible’. It seems you only have targeted those sellers who offer items of a certain occult or esoteric nature, ie. pagan beliefs and witchcraft. Magic, Spells, items of a paranormal or psychic nature, etc….

Sellers have also been told (via EBay’s Facebook) that the prices of their tangible items can not reflect any significantly added value put on by any intangible addition. What a nightmare for eBay to enforce since many items listed every day are priced subjectively by the sellers in many categories such as art, antiques, jewelry, vintage items and collectibles. The market determines the price and people will pay the price or they won’t. Again this seems like only sellers of certain occult natured items are being singled out for selective enforcement if the Facebook statement is true.

EBay has not disallowed Feng Shui items or ‘New Age’ items like Crystals used in healing and crystal work, both of which have ‘intangible’ properties that are believed in by MANY millions and millions around the world and add to their value in the eyes of many. You have not banned rosaries, crucifixes or religious medals, all of which have perceived ‘intangible’ abilities and energies associated with them. You have not banned items like Aromatherapy products which people use to gain certain ‘intangible’ benefits from. Magnetic therapy jewelry. Radionic devices and the entire category of natural and homeopathic remedies are items that people must subjectively get ‘intangible’ and unverifiable benefits from. The list of items with ‘intangible’ benefits goes on and on. I ask HOW are these any different than spells, blessings, magic and energy work placed upon items? How do these items differ in dealing with any Resolution Center disputes?

I am saddened and deeply concerned that eBay’s new policy may appear to some as a form of religious or ideological discrimination against occult and esoteric metaphysical beliefs. Something that I’m sure eBay does not want to imply.

Various Pagan, Neo-pagan, Alternative and Wiccan beliefs are ages old and actually a rapidly growing segment of our world population. Not everyone subscribes to the ‘Big Three’ religions, four if you include Buddhism.
in fact according to

“A second important statistic is the rate of growth of the Wiccan community. “In May, 1998, the Chicago Tribune reported that, though difficult to quantify due to lack of formal organization, neo-paganism is the fastest-growing religion in North America with the Internet being the prime means of proselytizing.” 1 Ms. Curott estimates a doubling in size every 18 months. This growth rate seems quite high, but appears to have some credibility in the Wiccan community. The ARIS survey of the American adult population indicates a growth in the Wiccan community of 17 fold between 1990 and 2001 – the highest of any faith group monitored. This would indicate a doubling in numbers of adherents about ever 30 months. 2 Maria Alupoaicei, who co-authored the book “Generation Hex” claims that “The numbers of [Wiccan] adherents are doubling every 30 months.” We suspect that she derived her estimate from this essay. She notes that there are over 700,000 websites for Wiccans on the Internet.

If the latter growth rate is accurate and if it continues, then Wicca would be the third largest religious group in the U.S. by about 2012, behind Christianity and Judaism, and ahead of Islam.”

If this is all a misunderstanding, I apologize but there have been many mixed messages coming from eBay Customer Service reps who tell sellers who call in that not only are readings of all types and direct cast spells(non mailed item) being prohibited, but that ANY item, TANGIBLE ITEM, that mentions a spell or magic anywhere in the title or listing is now prohibited. Sellers are told that the use of certain WORDS are banned and listings will be scanned for these certain keywords like magic, prayer, blessing, psychic, spell, haunted, etc… I can only imagine what a nightmare this will become if that is true, with listings being pulled just for using a certain keyword picked up by a computer bot.

I ask that eBay consider carefully how targeting certain beliefs and practices may look to the world as a whole-a world where millions of people hold alternative and differing cultural beliefs. I think sometimes certain corporate departments can be short sighted in making changes whose widespread ramifications are not well thought out.

I am only ONE of HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of persons, both buyers and sellers of items in the Metaphysical Categories that are asking these same questions now.

A concerned eBay member


THIS IS DISCRIMINATION AGAINST OUR RELIGION !! WHICH IS A BREECH OF HUMAN RIGHTS ! I agree that the psychic readings should not be sold on there because some of them are dodgy, but where is the harm in jewels, wands, altar items and herbs etc ?..they are the “tools of our trade” we are not sacrificing Virgins with that stuff, I have bought loads of Wiccan items on ebay and now I cant, are they going to ban Catholic and Christian items ? no of course they wont !! why don’t they go the whole hog and start a witch hunt …we are entitled to our religion just as everyone else is, Wiccans,Pagans, Druids and spiritualists have rights, or they are MEANT to have ! these religions are rapidly gaining popularity so they should be entitled to buy their items on ebay, I feel sorry for the people who specifically sell only Wiccan items, what will they do now ? I have bought some lovely handmade items on ebay and will no longer be able to do so, other websites are not as cheap, if you ask me ebay should ban the sale of anything from Hong Kong, I have bought four items of crap from there and they know it costs too much for you to post it back to them for a refund so they get away with it

Finding Bigfoot ? well I am sure you will not find him like that !

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we have started watching the most ridiculous TV programme, obviously because of our “jobs” we have to stay up to date with anything “Paranormal”
we do not think the Bigfoot exists and think it is about as likely as the Loch Ness Monster but the TV programme passes an hour
we are baffled though as to why the investigators knock on wood really loudly (and damage poor trees in the process ) set off fireworks, yell and basically make as much noise as they can, do they seriously think that a Bigfoot, if there is one is going to come out of hiding ? surely being quiet would be more effective.
as usual there is a sceptic and in this case it is the woman,  we have taken an instant dislike to her, in fact she irritates us so much we want to put our feet through the TV and she clearly irritates her fellow investigators too, it is a shame because the other investigators are good.

do you believe in Bigfoot ?